Journal of Accountancy podcast episodes

Bots emerge as cyber threat for accounting firms

Hackers are now using bots to identify and attack cybersecurity vulnerabilities on a mass scale. What can accountants do to bolster their defenses? Find out from technology and cybersecurity expert Roman Kepczyk in the latest episode of the Journal of Accountancy podcast.

Learning to be a leader: Grab a mirror and a book

A CPA firm leader-turned-company president discusses what he knew and what he wished he had known before a career switch, the importance of emotional intelligence, and why “base hits” are sometimes not the right approach to performance management.

Accounting student masters second chance at life

Terrell Williams, paralyzed from the waist down after being shot six years ago, is taking steps to become a CPA. He retells the story of that day and explains why purpose is now part of his pursuit in this podcast episode with transcript.

Of high interest: What rising rates mean for everyone

Higher interest rates affect more than home or vehicle purchases. Learn more about the associated risks of a high-rate environment for practitioners and the clients they advise in this podcast episode with transcript.