IRS to rule on tax-free stock distributions

The IRS is introducing an 18-month pilot program under which it will once again issue letter rulings concerning the general income tax effects of stock distributions under Sec. 355.

Best practices for outsourcing returns

Glen Keenan, president of XCM Solutions and Xpitax, discusses how communication, education, and formalizing your strategy will help you start and build your outsourcing program.

Hurricane Irma victims get IRS reprieve

Acting quickly in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the IRS gave filing and payment extensions to hurricane victims in 16 counties in Florida, all of St. John and St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and four municipalities in Puerto Rico.

Line items

IRS online taxpayer accounts expand capabilities ... Supreme Court rules church-affiliated organizations’ plans are exempt from ERISA ... TIGTA finds improved ID theft casework

A new discipline for tax

The emerging discipline of tax information and operations management could change the role of tax professionals from one focused on compliance to one essential to creating value.

How to follow the Yellow Brick Road of tax

In this video, Lauren Kovar, CPA/CITP, CGMA, director of Client Advisory & Strategy for Thomson Reuters, shows how CPAs can navigate their way using the Tax Information and Operations framework.


CPEOs provide peace of mind around payroll services

The creation of these new IRS-certified service providers for small businesses clarifies some issues around traditional professional employer organizations.


Pronoun practice to help polish your prose

Using pronouns correctly in writing and speech can help you make a good impression. Try our 10-question quiz.