Career Management

Recovering from busy season

This article offers expert tips on how to wind down after working at max capacity during the first three-and-a-half months of the year.

Succeeding at sponsorship

Following these best practices can help firms create programs that prepare the next generation of leaders and retain the best people.

NASBA and AICPA seek input on evolving licensure model

NASBA and the AICPA are seeking feedback from the profession and its stakeholders as they consider ways to evolve the model for initial CPA licensure to support a growing need for new skills amid rapid technological advancement.

Laurie Austin, CPA

Delegating and trusting others isn’t always easy, but it helps a leader manage a workload and develop others’ skills, says Laurie Austin, CPA.

How the CPA continuing education game is changing

New technologies have created a need for new skills and led to innovative methods for delivering professional education. Here’s how the CPA profession is evolving the way it educates its people.


A new line of business to consider

Technology assessments may open the door to new engagement opportunities for your firm. What is a technology assessment? How do you perform one? JofA Tech Q&A author J. Carlton Collins shows you in a detailed explanation.


Maximizing the higher education tax credits

A counterintuitive strategy can save taxes by including otherwise excludable scholarships in gross income.