Becoming a fraud fighter

By developing an investigative mindset, CPAs can make themselves indispensable during this trying time.

How CPAs can fight fraud in the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus is an opportunity for fraudsters to take advantage of fear and confusion. Elizabeth Woodward, CPA/CFF, and Howard Silverstone, CPA/CFF, discuss how accountants can identify and prevent coronavirus-related fraud.

What’s your fraud IQ?

Are you effectively preparing your employees to guard against cyberfraud? Take this month’s quiz and find out.

What's your fraud IQ?

How prepared are you to conduct a fraud risk assessment? Take this month’s Fraud IQ quiz and find out.

Emerging global fraud trends

Fraud and forensics expert Roger Darvall-Stevens explores emerging global fraud trends and what finance professionals and accountants can do to protect themselves and their firms.

Keeping an eye out for money mules

A new type of scam is snaring unwitting victims into money laundering schemes. Accountants are in a unique position to spot the early warning signs.

What’s your fraud IQ?

Do you know how to use publicly available documents to uncover fraud? Take this month’s Fraud IQ quiz and find out.

Sheryl Madden, CPA, CGMA

Sheryl Madden, CPA, CGMA, the deputy CFO and controller at The Kresge Foundation in Troy, Mich., says that effective leaders focus on serving others and encouraging them to set goals that bring about positive change.


Get your clients ready for tax season

These year-end tax planning strategies address recent tax law changes enacted to help taxpayers deal with the pandemic, such as tax credits for sick leave and family leave and new rules for retirement plan distributions, as well as techniques for putting your clients in the best possible tax position.


Keeping you informed and prepared amid the coronavirus crisis

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