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FASB proposes 3 targeted lease accounting changes

FASB proposed three targeted changes to its lease accounting guidance. The proposal is a response to feedback the board received during its post-implementation process for the lease accounting standard.

FASB proposes expedient for private company franchisors

FASB issued a proposal that would provide a practical expedient for private company franchisors in how they analyze certain activities when determining their performance obligations in a franchise agreement under the board’s new revenue recognition standard.

Treasury report on CECL standard is inconclusive

The coronavirus pandemic and current market conditions prevent a definitive assessment of the impact of the FASB’s new standard on accounting for credit losses, according to a new report released by Treasury.

Answers to 4 common accounting and auditing questions

New FASB rules have led to a host of new accounting and auditing questions for financial statement preparers and auditors. Some of the most frequently asked questions were answered at the AICPA’s ENGAGE 2020 virtual conference.

FASB addresses insurance, convertible instruments, gifts-in-kind

FASB proposed delaying the effective date of its new long-duration insurance contracts standard. The board also voted to approve standards on improving convertible instruments and contracts in an entity’s own equity and not-for-profit accounting for gifts-in-kind.

Pandemic alters lease accounting landscape

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a likely delay in the effective date of FASB’s new lease standard as well as an environment in which lease concessions may lead to new accounting considerations.

Hedge accounting may be more beneficial after FASB’s changes

FASB’s changes to its hedge accounting standard may provide companies with new alternatives to account for their risk management activities. Here is some background on hedge accounting, what is changing, and how it has emerged as a more viable approach.


Get your clients ready for tax season

These year-end tax planning strategies address recent tax law changes enacted to help taxpayers deal with the pandemic, such as tax credits for sick leave and family leave and new rules for retirement plan distributions, as well as techniques for putting your clients in the best possible tax position.


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