Managing your personal energy for success

Hosted by Drew Adamek

Life and work in the pandemic era can be exhausting. Stress can make it difficult to focus on and execute your goals. ENGAGE 2021 speaker Rhonda Peterson believes taking the time to care for and nurture one’s energy can improve your career success, increase your businesses’ profitability, and provide a deeper sense of fulfilment. Peterson shares her tips for discovering the activities and stresses that drain your energy, making it harder to succeed, and for uncovering the endeavors that bolster your energy.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why your personal energy matters and how it affects your life, business, and career.
  • How to identify significant energy drains in your life.
  • How to find activities that improve and boost your energy.
  • Why managers should be paying attention to their team members’ energy levels and how they can help improve them.
  • The best way to develop a personal energy protection habit.

Play the episode below:

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