Fraud on film: Lessons from real-life stories

Hosted by Neil Amato

Opportunities to commit fraud are common for all of us, but not everyone does it. What keeps some people honest and turns others into criminals? It’s a fine line, explored by Kelly Richmond Pope, CPA, CGMA, Ph.D., in several film projects over the years.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why Pope wants to tell the stories of convicted fraudsters (1:26).
  • Why “trust is not an internal control” (3:15).
  • How Pope got started making documentary films (6:09).
  • A sneak peek of her latest project, a short film with an interactive element (9:34).
  • A review of the municipal fraud case in the Illinois town of Dixon (12:53).
  • An explanation of the “fraud triangle” (16:15).

Play the episode below:

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