Networking secrets that will help advance your career

Hosted by Neil Amato

Any conversation, in the words of speaker and author Todd Cohen, is a selling moment. A networking conversation, therefore, presents people an opportunity to sell themselves and their skills. But how exactly does one go about networking with a room full of people, many of whom are strangers? Cohen, a regular speaker at the AICPA’s CFO Conference, explains why we should network regularly, as opposed to networking only when we need to.

What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How to prepare for a networking event.
  • Why you should apply the “rule of two” when joining a networking conversation.
  • How much time to spend in conversation with a person you’ve just met.
  • How to end a networking conversation.
  • How to use your phone in networking — and how not to.
  • When to follow up after a networking event.

Play the episode below: