Memo to managers: Practice what you preach

Hosted by Neil Amato

Misty Geer, CPA, CGMA, believes that strong management goes beyond ethical behavior, efficiency, and carrying out company strategy — even though each of those is important. Managers are a key reason that employees show up to work engaged or not. Geer, the controller for a chemical manufacturer, explains how managers can live their values, set clear expectations on schedules, engage in two-way communication, and more.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Geer's definition of managing with integrity.
  • The importance of consistency as a manager.
  • Why managers might not be as aware of staff issues as they should be.
  • How "failure is the best teacher" applies to growth as a manager.
  • A way to make performance reviews a two-way conversation.

Play the episode below:

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