Why our passions are essential to work success

Hosted by Neil Amato

John Garrett liked being able to make people laugh — and he was good enough to turn that interest into a career. He has his own podcast, where he regularly interviews finance professionals. Garrett is a former practicing CPA, having worked for PwC and other organizations before going on the road as a stand-up comedian. Today he speaks to corporate and conference audiences on the importance of embracing our passions.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why even the best workers can be “invisible.”
  • The meaning of the Greek word eudaimonia.
  • How an activity such as an improvisational theater can make us better professionals.
  • The comedic and CPA link between Garrett and the subject of The Last Word in the Journal of Accountancy in July 2013.
  • Garrett’s recollection of meeting Jay Leno for the first time.
  • How you can exercise leadership skills and “breathe in happy” in your free time.

Play the episode below:

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