How one vacation can change your work life

Hosted by Neil Amato

Accountants are not the only ones who have busy seasons — or careers that keep them busy year-round. That approach to work means many U.S. employees don’t take their full allotment of vacation days, research has shown. Byron Hebert, CPA, the chief growth officer and director of entrepreneurial advisory services at PKF Texas, didn’t think he could take an extended vacation, for several reasons. Then, in 2011, he got an invitation to take a trip that would change everything.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why Hebert intentionally says “life/work balance” (1:33).
  • The reasons Hebert previously didn’t take vacations longer than a week (5:07).
  • The trip Hebert took in 2011 that changed his life (6:15, and read more about it in this JofA article).
  • Where Hebert and his wife have traveled nearly every year since then (9:30).
  • Hebert’s advice to employees about finding their passions (11:56).

Play the episode below:

Editor’s note: This podcast was recorded in November 2018.

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