Windows, Bing, and Google Maps: How to suggest location corrections for incorrect maps online

By J. Carlton Collins, CPA

Q. Our business establishment does not show up correctly on Google Maps or Bing Maps. Can we do anything to correct this problem?

A. Most mapping tools provide a link for submitting suggested corrections. For example, consider the construction of a new subdivision, The Cottages on Jekyll Island, which began in 2015 and is not expected to be completed until 2018. In the screen displayed below, the Windows Maps app indicated that it was unable to locate one of the newly constructed homes. In this case, I was able to click the Suggest change button in the lower right corner and select the Search didn't find what I wanted option. The next screen allowed me to submit a requested address update.


In Bing Maps, the same address was also missing, so I clicked the Report a Problem option, and again submitted a suggested address correction (which was likely not necessary since Windows Maps and Bing Maps both use the same mapping database). Notice that the Bing Map also provides an option to Add a Missing Business, as circled in the image below.


Google Maps was also unable to locate this missing address, but instead of indicating that the address could not be located, Google Maps erroneously pinpointed the address about 2 miles away near the center of Jekyll Island. I have been told by residents in this new community this has been a significant problem as countless delivery trucks following Google Maps directions drove to the Jekyll Island Golf Club by mistake (which I assume is a problem because the drivers either cannot locate the correct delivery address or don't have their golf clubs with them).

As circled in the image below, Google Maps also offers an option to Add a missing place. To submit map correction suggestions, users must sign in to their Google accounts and provide the necessary correcting information. GPS mapping technologies such as Windows Maps, Bing Maps, and Google Maps represent one of the greatest types of technologies produced in the past few decades. To make sure your business(es) or home(s) show up properly on these maps, you should take a few moments to confirm your address location(s) are properly displayed, and if the mapping tools fall short, submit the necessary corrections as described above.


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J. Carlton Collins ( is a technology consultant, a CPE instructor, and a JofA contributing editor.

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