Smart Stops on the Web

Safety (on the) Net
CPA investment advisers can log on for free at this Web site to catch up on current value investment news and get advice from financial experts such as Warren Buffet. Users also can read fund company annual reports, SEC filings and yearend letters to shareholders; see comments on member-posted articles; and participate in Web-based surveys on investment practices.

Research and Tools for Investors
The Wealth Management Center at offers a free 14-day trial premium membership, which grants access to investment and portfolio tools including an asset allocator, bond calculator, risk analyzer and stock and mutual fund screens. Users can read and respond to comments in the Personal Finance Forum and get articles on topics such as emerging wealth, managing wealth and how to invest windfalls.

Prepare to Invest
This e-stop offers CPAs, investment advisers and their clients detailed discussions of risk management and margin-of-safety principles, in addition to links to resources including quarterly reports, research studies and newsletters on investing. But one of the more interesting interactive features here invites visitors to take a quiz that tests the soundness of their investment strategies before they implement them for their clients.

For the Well-Read Adviser
New subscribers can get the Journal of Wealth Management online for a free 30-day trial and read up on “investment strategies for high-net-worth, taxable portfolios.” Article titles include “Integration of Hedge Funds and Wealth Transfer Structures: Where Should They Be and Why?” and “Stock Exposures in Portfolios with Options.”

Wealth Management Resources
This Web site offers investment advisers free information including the current status of the stock market. For a historical perspective visitors can access past economic outlooks dating back to 1998. Users can read current and archived articles, and receive tips of the month, on topics such as estate and financial planning and investments.

Ladies, Mind Your Businesses
The Small Business Administration’s online Women’s Business Center offers investment advice to female entrepreneurs and a finance section that gives information on banking, borrowing and lending and reading financial statements. Also, visitors can research hot topics of, for example, e-commerce and technology.

Human Resources Resources
CPA small firm owners and HR executives looking for salary survey analyses and links to compensation software sites will want to check out the Economic Research Institute’s e-stop. Visitors can use free tools including an annuity calculator, portfolio investment return analyzer and a Social Security estimator.

Retirement Alternatives
For CPAs past the age of retirement who can’t be held back, Marika and Howard Stone, authors of Too Young to Retire: An Off-the-Road Map to the Rest of Your Life, provide this Web stop to help retirees make the shift from doing what they must do to doing what they want to do. Users can subscribe to the free newsletter Reinventing Retirement as well as get advice at the Getting Started section on launching a business, going back to school and pursuing nonprofit and volunteer work.

Link to Insurance
CPAs who advise clients on various types of insurance will want to bookmark this Web site. The home page organizes insurance into 30 categories, and each link breaks these down further into more specific topics. For example, users who click on consulting will find links to claims, disaster, expert witnesses, forensics, risk management services and third-party administrators.

Mama Done Tol’ You
This Web site bills itself as having “tax information with a mother’s touch” and lives up to this by addressing tax issues for moms, such as getting a new baby his or her own Social Security number, and providing links to Web sites for single mothers. Users can subscribe to the free newsletter Ask Taxmama , which includes answers to questions from Web mother Eva Rosenberg’s online “children.”

Free Sales Advice Via E-Mail
This Web stop provides free answers to sales questions from retired professionals who wish to share what they know with others starting out in the business world. Users can take advantage of free registration to get the site’s weekly newsletter, which responds to sales questions from registrants on topics such as hiring sales staff, marketing products and services, sales ethics and telemarketing techniques.

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