Smart Stops on the Web

IT Lessons and Links
Dedicated to offering troubleshooting guidance, this Web site provides information on crashproofing and maintaining PCs, as well as speeding up computer functions. CPAs also can link to search engines, business advice, new product information and Toejumper’s newsletter archives.

Tune It. Tweak It. Fix It.
Freelance technology consultant and writer Fred Langa’s Web site offers users a subscription to his free biweekly newsletter “The LangaList” and access to previous issues dating back to 1997. Tech-minded CPAs and IT professionals can read about “Easy, Foolproof Small Networks” and “Power-Line Networking,” as well as find free downloads for Windows backups and cleaning up hard drives.

A Most Fitting Moniker
This site offers tech-savvy CPAs information on building a PC, buyer’s guides for technology products, the latest news, a glossary and Web-based computer support. Users also can browse or add their own technical input in the sections Rants and Raves and Tips and Tricks. Computer enthusiasts will have fun with the GeekToons and GameGeek areas.

A Virtual Postman
IT professionals who don’t have time to keep up with the latest industry advances can sign up for free as a member of this site, which compiles links to hundreds of e-newsletters. Registered users receive e-mailed news updates on topics such as software development, Internet business and product information.

Surf Here to Save
Computer consultants, small business owners and CPAs can find ways to save their organizations or clients from high IT expenses at technology consultant Joshua Feinberg’s Web site. Users can subscribe to a gratis technology tips newsletter and read checklists including “10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Computer Support Bills.”

Advice From an Expert
Joshua Feinberg has struck again with another Web site for IT consultants in small business. In addition to a frequently asked questions section, users can find inexpensive downloadable reports on topics such as selling and marketing consulting services.

There’s No Place (to Work) Like Home
The Business at Home Navigation Web site offers current and archived articles on topics pertinent to CPAs and other professionals with home offices, such as Family Matters, Finance and Taxes and It’s the Law. Article titles include “Attract More Customers Through Cross-Promotion” and “Startups Use the Internet for Free Voice Mail.”

A Site You Can Bank On
CPAs can get comprehensive mortgage and certificate-of-deposit rates when they visit this Web site, which also features links to information on automobile and home equity loans, insurance, investing and online finance. Articles of interest include “Unclaimed Pension Money Could Be Yours” and “Don’t Get Tripped Up by Tip Income.”

Value Has Been Added
Since first mentioned as a Smart Stop in the March 2000 issue (page 19), this Web site has added links to legal and tax resources and salary surveys, as well as economic, public-company and merger-and-acquisition transaction data. CPAs also can access databases for journals, periodicals and trade magazines here.

Keep This Under Your Hat
This Web site offers CPAs interested in privacy issues admittance to current and archived listings of domestic and global developments in this area, as well as information about administrative orders, business privacy initiatives, legislative trends, news and regulations. also links to (see below).

Seek and Ye Shall Find
Self-billed as the “only privacy-focused employment site,” lets job seekers find positions available nationwide in compliance, privacy and regulatory affairs. Users searching this site’s listings will find detailed job descriptions, company backgrounds and contact information. Visitors can search jobs in three categories: entry-level to high-level, executive and temporary positions.

“Alternative Officing”
CPAs can find resources on telecommuting at consultant Gil Gordon’s Web site. Users can link to articles such as “Collaboration Gets It Together” and “Far From the Mother Ship,” as well as download free information on topics in creative office design, employer scheduling and telecommuting tax credits.

Where to find March’s flipbook issue

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Get Clients Ready for Tax Season

This comprehensive report looks at the changes to the child tax credit, earned income tax credit, and child and dependent care credit caused by the expiration of provisions in the American Rescue Plan Act; the ability e-file more returns in the Form 1040 series; automobile mileage deductions; the alternative minimum tax; gift tax exemptions; strategies for accelerating or postponing income and deductions; and retirement and estate planning.