Smart Stops on the Web


Links to Tax Programs
CPAs and tax preparers can find links here to sites that offer software—either to demo for free or purchase—as well as hardware and peripherals. Users can explore categories such as computer rentals, data recovery and storage, and multimedia. A search on the site for tax software returned 34 different links.

E-Filing Info and Tax Tips
Professional tax preparers can go from this home page to state sites, which offer income tax forms and/or online filing. The tax tips section offers news, and current and archived suggestions for how to reduce the amount of tax individuals pay, as well as links to research current tax issues. And, of course, users also can find links to research tax preparation software such as Quicken TurboTax and TaxCut from H&R Block.

Something for Nothing

Tax professionals can click on links to sites with free tax resources including information on where to file for a tax extension at and the “101 Hot Tax Tips” audiotape available from the National Audit Defense Network at Users also can find links to sites with discounted tax preparation and filing software from Quicken TurboTax.

Invest Time to Learn Here
Although this site is designed to “bring the investor the most thorough information possible on all investing topics,” it doesn’t leave professional tax preparers out. They can find links to and state Web sites for tax forms, as well as tax software ratings.

Comparison Shop
CPAs and PFPs can find links to detailed tax preparation software reviews in the Personal Finance section of this site. Users can read comparison charts, download for free the basic version of the software TaxAct 2001, find pricing information (including discounts and rebates on tax preparation programs) and search for local software dealers.

Discounts and Forms
CPAs and tax specialists can look up tips on how to reduce their clients’ taxes, as well as obtain tax planning and preparation advice here. This site also links to and (no relation to the federal agency) for tax forms, instructions, rates and tables. Users can link to to get coupons for up to $20 off its tax software products.


Links to Sites From A–Z
When Web surfers find a site that promises “fast access to thousands of quality, content-rich links,” they usually should take it with a grain of salt, but this one keeps its word. Users can find links to U.S. and international press sites such as the Anchorage Daily News, Bolivian Times and China Daily, as well as to government agencies—from the Air Force to the National Weather Service to the White House. CPAs will want to check out the business links in the news section.

Get Acronyms ASAP
Paul H. Glass, CPA, created this Web site for other CPAs and business professionals who need to find business, accounting, investment, tax and technology information. Each category offers links to a menu of subtopics that include lengthy topic-specific acronym lists. Also, the site’s topical search engine section links to dozens of categories such as calculators, encyclopedias and a list of ZIP codes.

For Eldercare Information
This site features articles of interest to retired individuals and their financial advisers, such as “Fraud Warning! Fictitious IRS Forms and Bank Letters” and “Health Insurance for Early Retirees.” The Finance section includes discussions about advanced directives, home equity, pensions, taxes, trusts and estates.

For the Tech-Savvy
Generally, ISACA members and Information Systems Control Journal subscribers would be the ones to access the Information Systems Audit and Control Association and Foundation Web site, but other visitors freely can access the InfoBytes section, which has short articles on technical topics pertaining to information technology assurance, control and governance.

If You Can Talk the Talk…
Beginner and expert Web surfers will want to take a look at this online dictionary for Internet and technology terms. Users can find technically specific, yet easy-to-understand definitions for thousands of words including applet —a small program written in Java , a programming language to write downloadable, virus-free applets. This site also offers a section on chat room acronyms and a list of emoticons —typed characters that create an image, usually tilted to the left, of a facial expression, such as :-), which is the standard smiley face.


Scorecard preparation templates and tips

With Workiva, we've created a PowerPoint deck that helps you create your own scorecards -- quick reference reports used across organizations to update stakeholders on the performance of defined deliverables.


Black CPA Centennial, 1921–2021

With 2021 marking the 100th anniversary of the first Black licensed CPA in the United States, a yearlong campaign kicked off to recognize the nation’s Black CPAs and encourage greater progress in diversity, inclusion, and equity in the CPA profession.