Smart Stops on the Web

IT News From the Net

This Web site offers advice and news for corporate information technology officers. A recent article in the eBusiness News section was titled “Getting Venture Capital for Your Internet Start-Up.” The site provides links to other e-business sites (see the five listed below).

Consult the Consultants

The Boston Consulting Group offers articles written by IT professionals on its staff. Users can search archived titles in the BCG Publications section by choosing “e-commerce” from the “browse by” pull-down menu. Titles include “How the Internet Can Boost Your Brand,” “Arming for E-Combat in Asia Pacific: The New Rules of Engagement,” and “Organizing for E-Commerce.”

A Virtual Tutor

This site calls itself the “small business Internet tutorial for e-commerce entrepreneurs” and features virtual courses delivered to your e-mail. Course material includes advice and tips for getting a small business online. Also, Dr. Ebiz, an e-zine linked to this site, offers its own advice. A current issue states “paying for directory and search engine listings makes good sense.” Free e-mail subscriptions for Dr. Ebiz are available.

E-Commerce Law

Since the Internet emerged as one of the major players in the information game, the legal profession has been formulating and revising rules and regulations on online information. Lex Mercatoria, the “international trade and commercial law monitor,” includes documents on Web regulation in a section of the company’s site called Electronic Commerce. Among the topics found here are digital signatures and privacy.

Let’s Talk E-Commerce

This site is a “worldwide, CEO-driven effort to develop policies that promote global electronic commerce.” Progress reports from working groups of the Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce appear here as well as related archived news articles on consumer confidence, cyber security, digital bridges, e-government, Internet payments and taxation.

E-Business Resources

Technical publisher Ziff Davis’ site boasts enough information and resources to make it a good first stop for any e-business research. It provides sections on best practices, news, opinions and reviews and links to e-commerce case studies and white papers. An e-commerce newsletter also is offered free to users via e-mail.


Laugh All the Way to the (Career) Bank

Accounting and finance professionals—interested either in switching employers or in just seeing what else is out there—will find this job site useful. Along with the option to search by job, company or state, it offers users articles and news to help them make sound business decisions as well as keep abreast of trends in the accounting profession.

Lawyers Share Their Wealth—of Information

Scroggin & Associates, a law firm in Roswell, Georgia, wants users’ feedback on a new free service for estate planners, their clients and other interested parties. The firm will e-mail information and articles they have written for publication free on request. Among the titles are “Estate Planning—Time for a Review,” “Overlooked Traps and Opportunities in Estate Planning” and “The Family Incentive Trust.”

Financial Folly

Brothers David and Tom Gardner called their site the Motley Fool because, in Elizabethan drama, the court jester, or “fool,” was the only person who could tell a king or queen the truth and not fear beheading. They say, “We’re dedicated to educating, amusing and enriching individuals in search of the [financial] truth.” Features include an interactive finance quiz, investment news, stock quotes and research, as well as discussion boards and a section on investment strategies.

Information for Small Businesses

The Small Business Knowledge Base offers a free newsletter with tips and techniques for your company. In addition, the site provides articles, answers to frequently asked questions and links to other sites for such topics as marketing, online business management and small business finance. There also is a section with numerous links to free catalogs, magazines and software packages.

Web wisdom: To determine when a site was last updated, type the following into the address bar and click on Enter: javascript:alert(document.lastModified) Make sure the M is capitalized. (Note that not all Web sites have the update feature.)

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