Smart Stops on the Web

Find ISPs and ASPs ASAP

For users interested in finding an application service provider (ASP)—for Web-based, pay-per-use programs—this portal is a good starting point. It offers recent ASP industry news, classified ads and links to other ASPs for specific industries, for example, finance and project management. This site also includes a search engine that, when queried for tax software, listed 20 different packages.

Support Your Local Portal

The Computer Help Portal features links to the trouble-shooting and help-desk sections of various vendors’ home pages. Users can search a number of directories to find assistance for problems with modems, multimedia, and accounting and tax software applications, for example. Free registration allows users access to information on specific products—for example, frequently asked questions, forums and message boards, and telephone support for computer problems.

Start Your Software Search Here

This site boasts a powerful search engine, CPA Online PowerSearch, that, in addition to scanning its own site, links to a dozen Web search engines to locate exactly what you need. Users can find specific definitions for key terms and stock quotes for companies by prefixing a query with either DEFINE or QUOTE.

An Online Directory and Index

This site offers hundreds of links to tax and accounting Web resources broken down into groups and subgroups. For example, the Tax Sites section lists Tax Software as a topic; click on it and find more than a dozen subtopics—tools and calculators, tax forms, publications and research, for example.

Hurray for Yahoo!

Yahoo’s Finance section includes a Tax Center with many useful features, such as tax calculators, tax preparation checklists, online filing resources and tips on a dozen topics including charitable contributions, home and property, and retirement planning. News and links to tax software sites are available, as well as a detailed glossary of terms and definitions.

“Tax Information for Everyone”

Sponsored by Drake Software, this site links users to all state tax forms and accompanying instructions, as well as to all state departments of revenue. The News Room section contains linked articles, mostly from the IRS Web site, on changes in tax laws, e-filing and updates on the service’s latest technological advances.


Find Definitions for Abbreviations

Web users will want to bookmark this site for future reference. It lists more than 150,000 acronyms and abbreviations, along with what they all stand for. A user can search subject areas such as information technology, telecommunications, the military and government.

America Is Online

Log onto this site to sign up for free e-mail delivery of the weekly electronic magazine, Access America E-Gov E-Zine, which reports on the government’s involvement in, and programs dealing with, information technology. Users can search the archives for information on business tax filing, criminal justice, the environment, federal government payments and international trade.

BNA’s Online News Center

The Bureau of National Affairs Intellectual Property Center is one of four online centers—including corporate law, labor and employment law, and litigation—where users can access the latest news on topics such as domain names, online patents and software licensing as well as links to related sites.

StockSeekers Goes Multilingual

This site, which offers daily English-language reports of current stock options, a free newsletter, a glossary of terms and an online calculator, now provides these features in five other languages—French, German, Italian, Portugese and Spanish. To access any of these alternative sites, go to The same information and options appear on all versions.

A Site of Their Own

AskJeeves has grown in popularity since it was first mentioned in this column three years ago (see JofA, Jul.97, page 18), so much so it now boasts an offspring, AskJeeves for Kids. The site is primarily a research tool for homework and studies, but AskJeeves also has added a few online games and other activities. More importantly, the site includes only G-rated Web pages and others written expressly for children.


Preparing the statement of cash flows

This instructive white paper outlines common pitfalls in the preparation of the statement of cash flows, resources to minimize these risks, and four critical skills your staff will need as you approach necessary changes to the process.


Keeping you informed and prepared amid the COVID-19 crisis

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