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Benefits & Compensation
Work & Family Benefits, Inc., an employee benefits company, created this site to address the increasing importance of the impact of family and life-style issues on an employee's professional development. The site includes information on a "values package" benefits plan that addresses the issues of child and elder care. The site also includes employee benefits broker and consultant information.
This site, maintained by Judy Diamond Associates, Inc., publishes employee benefit and pension databases such as a small pension funds guide, defined contribution and defined benefit directories and a directory of prospects for SIMPLES and other retirement plans. The site also offers research services that include pension and welfare benefit reports and labor management documents.
Employee Benefit News posts an online edition of its health care, retirement planning, compensation and employee benefits magazine. Other items of interest include a conference calendar for upcoming employee benefits seminars and a benefits discussion section that provides a forum for issues and questions concerning benefits. A products and services section offers a list of links to benefits and human resource management software sites.
The Employee Benefit Research Institute is "committed to original public policy research and education on economic security and employee benefits." The site offers library and research services, policy forums, press releases and publications as well as links to other sources to inform users about employee benefits issues.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor has links to statistics and information from more than 70 federal agencies as well as international statistical agencies. It also provides links to surveys, indexes and programs on employment, prices, working and living conditions, compensation and employment projections.
The Health Insurance Association of America, a trade association of insurers and managed care companies, offers consumer information and news. Especially useful is a lengthy description of the Prevailing Healthcare Charges System, a database of what healthcare providers are charging.
The Census Bureau provides statistics on health insurance coverage, including who is or is not covered.

HR Online
From Best Software comes online information on a variety of financial and human resource issues. Check out an article on IRS payroll tax deadlines, for example, and an electronic federal tax payment system help center.

Count On This Site
Dumbfounding is the best word for this site, a collection of thousands of online calculators covering every subject from interest payments to feline nutritional needs.



Let Your Mouse Do the Walking
Research the best auto, home, health and life insurance rates for your company through the Insurance Shopping Network. This is a free service, unaffiliated with any insurance company. The site even has a secured server so you can confidently send private information.
Fill out an online form about the kinds of insurance you need. Quotesmith instantly searches its database of hundreds of companies to find those in your state offering the plans you want. Included in its service are price quotes and ratings from A.M. Best and other rating services.

Take Care of Business
Practitioners Publishing Co. has a site especially for controllers and other finance professionals. Check out news, an article called "The Controller's First 100 Days" and weekly tips on expense reduction and on technology.

Show Me the Money
Do you need to know about venture capital, loans, mortgages and IPOs? At the Financing Sources site, you can look up articles on sources of venture capital, writing loan proposals and business valuations.

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