Exhibit 1: Calculators and Goal-Specific Tools
These are relatively inexpensive and may be worthwhile for a CPA in public practice who is doing planning for someone with a specific goal such as paying for college. CPAs who plan for clients may want to have several of these handy. A CPA with Web access can have downloadable tools in use within minutes.
Tool Capabilities Media Demo available? Contact
Advent Browser Reporting Web-based portfolio reporting.   Free with registration.
Axys Portfolio management, accounting and reporting.   Free with registration.
CalcTools Lets planners include in their own intranet, Internet or stand-alone software some of Brentmark’s most detailed and complex calculations. Online No. ;
Centerpiece Accounting, performance tracking and customizable client reports. Shares data with relevant modules. CD-ROM Free.
Charitable Financial Planner Carries the recommended rates for gift annuities; handles split interest charitable transfers, QPRTs, GRATs and GRUTs (grantor retained uni-trusts). Download Free.
Charitable Gift Planner Computes annuities and remainders. Download 30-day free trial.
Easy Money Covers the basics. Audit trail leads from summary page to detail pages. CD-ROM Free CD-ROM by mail.
EnCorr Optimizer Develops asset allocation policy, forecasts levels of return and wealth. CD-ROM Free.
Estate Planning Tools Exhaustive coverage of GRATs (grantor retained annuity trusts); also covers other tax-favored trusts, private annuities and generation-skipping transfers. 2-disk set Call for demo: 800-879-6665.
Financial Analyzer II More than 75 different computations in a dozen categories such as cash flow, profit and time value of money. Download or CD-ROM 30-day free trial.
Frontier AllocationMaster and AllocationMaster Web Computes the optimal asset allocation that maximizes return at all risk levels, enables future projections. Online Free online, or request CD-ROM kit by mail.
Golden Years (a module of the Money Tree Suite) Income and expense projections for the retired or those nearing retirement. Download or CD-ROM Free CD-ROM by mail.
IRS Factors Calculator Calculates the value of annuities, life estates and remainders or CD-ROM (term, one or two lives). Includes GRITS, GRATs, GRUTs and various tables: H, K, V, VI, Tables 80 CNSMT and Table 90 CM. Download 30-day free trial. ;
Kugler Estate Analyzer Allows planner to show the effect . of planning with instruments such as GRATs, rolling GRATs, charitable trusts, QPRTs (qualified personal residence trusts), family limited partnerships, GST (generation-skipping tax), trusts and more. Download Free
Leimberg’s NumberCruncher Almost 100 financial planning and estate planning calculations. 2004 Computes GRATs, charitable remainder and lead trusts, private annuities and more. Download 30-day free trial.
MRD (Minimum Required Distribution) Software Determines MRD based on various life expectancies. Reflects the ’87, ’01 and ’02 regulations. Communicates with PFP Notebook. Download Call for demo: 800-879-6665. ;
Pension & Roth Analyzer Evaluate pension and profit sharing plan distribution strategies. Download Free. ;
Pension Distributions Calculator Exhaustive treatment of required minimum distributions and pre-age-59 1 / 2 distributions. Download Call for demo: 800-879-6665.
Pension Distributions Planner All features of Pension Distributions Calculator, plus handles multiple beneficiaries. Download Free case studies and sample reports.
PhilanthroCalc for Windows Calculates tax benefits of charitable giving, trust income; generates presentations. Download Free “Quick Tour.”
PPC’s Personal Financial Planning Calculator Performs tax, cash-flow and net-worth projections; calculates funding needs for retirement and education as well as taxes on lump-sum distributions and IRA rollovers. CD-ROM No.
Retirement Income Navigator (formerly Investment Scenario Generator) Uses an asset allocation approach to optimize retirement income. Download Call for demo: 800-879-6665.
RetireNow For retirement income planning; may be used for client presentations. Designed for clients with between $500,000 and $5 million net worth. Download Call for demo: 800-879-6665.
Retirement Solutions (part of the Money Tree Suite) Ten modules; includes retirement capital projections, plan distributions, cost of waiting or delay. Download or CD-ROM Free online; sample reports online, too.
Savings Bond Toolkit Organizes and manages a savings bond portfolio; facilitates retitling of bonds. Download Call for demo: 800-879-6665.
Silver Financial Planner (from Money Tree) Succinctly shows clients their (from Money Tree) financial projections; educates clients on financial concepts. Download or CD-ROM Free CD-ROM by mail; download.
Steve Leimberg’s Estate Planning Quickview Federal estate tax and state death tax calculations. State-law- sensitive flow chart- and graph- based Windows software that instantly shows what dispositive strategy will reduce taxes to lowest possible amount and provide highest amount for heirs Download or CD-ROM No. 30-day free trial.
StockOpter Pro Develops optimized strategies for exercise of stock options. Download Free download. ;

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