How to land and keep NextGen talent

Featuring Jennifer Wilson, co-founder and partner with ConvergenceCoaching LLC


Firms that want to attract and engage and retain NextGen talent have to make a number of changes. But my most important change that I ask firm leaders to make would be involving them right away, getting them engaged by having them participate in conversation, asking them for feedback. Finding out what they love about the firm and what they would change about the firm, what they love about their job and what they wish would change about their job. We weren't asked those questions when we were coming up as traditionalists. But we've got to ask young people those questions because they have lots of options and they're not going to stay in a job that they don't love, and they're not going to stay with a firm they don't really feel is going somewhere. And so finding out how they feel sooner is critical.

Also, firms that want to retain the NextGen are going to get them involved in strategy. They have a ton of good ideas and insights and ideas for how the firm could improve service, how the firm could improve the client experience, how the firm could be more efficient, and, unfortunately, we don't involve them soon enough, we don't ask for their input, so those ideas are not really implemented as quickly as they could be. Smart firms involve their NextGen earlier.

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