How a firm’s vision differs from its mission

Featuring Jennifer Wilson, co-founder and partner with ConvergenceCoaching


A firm's mission is its purpose, why it exists, the difference it wants to make in the world. A vision differs from a mission in that the vision is where are we taking this thing? It's a place in the future that we want to take the organization, usually three to five years from now. It's a destination if you will. It's a size. It's who will we serve and how will it differ from who we serve now? What services are we offering five years from now? What's our picture of those services? Are we serving different industries? Do we have different expertise than we have today? What does it look like out there? I like to tell firms your vision is a little bit like the destination in maps or something. You're going on a road trip with your entire firm. We're all going to get in an RV together and go somewhere, and we're going to map that destination. And where is it?

What you want is the vision, that destination out there in the future to be someplace your NextGen talent want to go and someplace that NextGen clients will be attracted to, too. All too often, firms don't have that planned destination. Their people can't see where they're headed, and as a result, they just see this transactional, busy season to busy season sort of paradigm like we're going nowhere fast. That's not very engaging or enrolling for the staff or for the clients.


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