Tax Practice Management

2016 tax software survey

Results show 4 companies control more than 90% of CPA tax preparer market. Find out how more than 3,800 CPAs rated the tax preparation software they used in 2016.

2015 tax software survey

Thousands of CPAs assess the features and performance of their income tax preparation software as well as, for the first time, their software for estate and gift taxes.

Tax engagement letters

Use of this important practice tool can minimize professional liability risk, reduce confusion, improve collections, and ensure clients have a good understanding of the practitioner’s role.

Exercising due diligence

By providing documented due diligence, practitioners can explain why they took the position and show they used reasonable care when determining the position was appropriate.

AICPA’s revised confidentiality rule and Sec. 7216

The recently revised AICPA Code of Professional Conduct includes a new Confidential Client Information Rule under Section 1.700.001, which expands the guidance on maintaining the confidentiality of client information.

What to do when your client receives a summons

This column addresses summonses when issued in taxpayer examinations and is not designed or intended to be a full articulation of the significant legal implications of a summons or its enforcement.

IRS: Tax season to start on time

The IRS announced that it will begin accepting e-filed and paper tax returns on time this filing season. The late passage of tax extender legislation had threatened to delay the start of tax season.


Why cybercriminals are targeting CPAs

This free report expands on the most commonly found scams, why education and specialized IT knowledge help to lessen security vulnerabilities, and why every firm should plan carefully for how it would respond to a breach.


How tax reform — and Excel — are changing the CPA Exam

Mike Decker, the vice president of examinations at the AICPA, discusses changes being made to the exam as a result of tax reform — and about how Excel will now be available for use on the test.