Human Resource and Talent Management

What do employees want?

Finance leaders should take steps to provide more than just a decent salary to develop and retain staff.

Developing finance leaders

Veronica McCann, CGMA, a former division CFO at Commerzbank in Singapore, shares tips on developing future finance leaders.

How to make flexible working work

As work/life balance becomes a higher priority for professionals worldwide, more companies are offering staff the opportunity to work remotely.

Working to close the skills gap

Many organizations are having difficulty finding skilled talent. This infographic explores the methods employers are using to attract top candidates and innovate their talent searches.

Regulation remains top risk for 2015

Some familiar risks are top-of-mind for executives and board members, and new concerns are emerging as well, according to survey results released Monday.

Drive competencies and develop talent

The financial planning and analysis department at Baker Hughes is more valuable and more collaborative thanks to a three-step employee-development process, the company’s Michael Kinney, CPA, explains.

U.S. economy on a roll, according to survey of finance executives

Economic optimism is up from a year ago, led by brighter projections in revenue, profits, and hiring, according to the latest quarterly survey of finance executives in business and industry by the AICPA. Availability of skilled personnel is a rising concern.

ERISA: 40 years later

The 40th anniversary of ERISA’s enactment is a good time to look back at the problems with pensions that the legislation was intended to solve, and the problems that face today’s and tomorrow’s retirees, who increasingly must provide for their own retirement.

A pipeline for diversity

A professionwide effort to grow the ranks of underrepresented minorities in accounting has been developed by the Howard University School of Business Center for Accounting Education’s Pipeline Working Group, supported by the AICPA. The initiative is focusing on reaching out to high school and community college students in an effort to create a pipeline of talent to the profession.

Health care reform essentials

New health care regulations create many challenges and opportunities for businesses. Here are 10 things CPAs should know about the new rules to help the businesses they serve make wise decisions.

Finance professionals are upbeat, but they have staffing concerns

U.S. finance professionals are feeling good on a number of fronts. They are optimistic about the U.S. economy and their own businesses. Most expect to make a higher profit than they did a year ago, and an increasing number say they’d like to hire additional staff. That last part is,

Canadian financial executives getting more HR oversight duties

Senior financial executives in Canada are increasing their oversight of human resources, but many rate their knowledge of HR functions as moderate or average, according to a new survey. Sixty-one percent of Canadian financial executives reported that they have taken on more accountability for HR functions such as payroll, recruitment,


6 key areas of change for accountants and auditors

New accounting standards on revenue recognition, leases, and credit losses present implementation challenges. This independently-written report identifies the hurdles that accounting professionals face and provides tips for overcoming the challenges.


How tax reform will impact individual taxpayers

Amy Wang, a CPA who is a senior technical manager for tax advocacy at the AICPA, answers to some of the most common questions on how the new tax reform law will impact individual taxpayers.