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Tax update: S elections, PTE, and Sec. 1202 (podcast) ... Senate Finance airs post-Wayfair sales tax burdens ... Midyear IRS mileage rate increase follows precedent, recent pleas ... Senators request details on IRS info return destruction ... IRS voice bots help set up payment plans

AICPA recommends additional IRS backlog measures

Looking ahead to next filing season, the AICPA renews previous calls for taxpayer relief and administrative remedies to help the IRS clear overages in its return and correspondence inventories.

Ask the expert: The value of tax advisory services

Catherine Tindall is the founder of Dominion Enterprise Services. She specializes in advanced tax reduction and works with customers to help them save money on taxes while advancing their wealth-building and life goals. She is enthusiastic about helping clients reduce their overall tax burden through proactive strategies and advising.

Where to find September’s flipbook issue

The Journal of Accountancy is now completely digital. 





2022 Payroll Update

Employees working remotely have created numerous issues for employers. The 2022 Payroll Update report provides insight on remote workforce tax issues, pandemic payroll issues and employer credits, and worker classification issues in the gig economy.