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New Exam Options Offer Pathways to PFS Credential

An examination leading to the AICPA’s Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential is now available in hundreds of cities nationwide, along with a live, interactive online offering of the exam’s case-study component. Together, these features of the new PFS Pathway program are intended to allow CPAs anywhere to obtain the PFS

Estate Planning: Time for a Tuneup

A CPA is in an excellent position to help clients address the issues of estate planning. CPAs are usually aware of the scope of their clients’ assets and often know something about family relationships, recent marriages, children, grandchildren and other key facts. They see their clients annually in connection with

Quick Points on Prenups

Premarital agreements (also known as prenuptial agreements, or “prenups” for short) involve elements of estate planning and divorce law. And because such agreements can center on finances and taxes, accountants should be aware of how they operate. WHEN A PRENUP MAY BE NEEDED Prenups aren’t just for rich people—they are

Social Security for Two

CPA financial planners are often confronted with the question, "When should I start collecting Social Security benefits?" For married couples, the question should be asked in the plural. Current financial needs and expected life span may be paramount considerations for a single person. However, the implications of when to begin

AICPA and InvestmentNews Offer Online Discussion Forum for Financial Advisers

The AICPA and InvestmentNews have launched “Ask the CPA,” an online discussion forum on advising clients in times of economic crisis. InvestmentNews readers may post their questions at CPAs holding the Institute’s personal financial specialist (CPA/PFS) credential will respond. The forum will run through December 31, 2008. “This is

Does Private Equity Belong in Your Client's Portfolio?

Faced with a slumping stock market and low-yield bond portfolios, some fund managers maybe tempted by the higher potential yields of private equity. Before leading clients to this option, advisers should ask some hard questions: R Do you understand the deal? Is the specific industry one you believe you can

Trust-Owned Life Insurance: The CPA's Role

Many CPAs recommend that their high-net-worth clients use trust-owned life insurance (TOLI) as the cornerstone of their estate plan. In addition, many CPAs choose to serve as trustees of such trusts. CPAs who are considering accepting a trustee designation should be well aware of the hazards inherent to the task

Ten “Musts” for Developing a PFP Practice

CPAs interested in careers in personal financial planning or who have established practices and would like to create a niche in this area can follow these steps to get started: Select a practice structure. Depending on their firm’s purpose or the way they conduct business—including how much liability they are


2018 financial reporting survey: Challenges and trends

Learn the top reporting challenges that emerged in a survey of more than 800 finance, accounting, and compliance professionals across the world, and compare them with your organization's obstacles.


How the skill set for today’s CFO is changing

Scott Simmons, a search expert for large-company CFOs, gives advice for the next generation of finance leaders and more, including which universities are regularly producing future CEOs and CFOs.