Human resource and talent management

Controller to CFO: Not a straight, simple path

For career-minded controllers, taking what might seem to be a logical next step in job progression is not as easy as it looks. Controllers hoping to become a CFO need operational experience, communication skills.

What do employees want?

Finance leaders should take steps to provide more than just a decent salary to develop and retain staff.

Developing finance leaders

Veronica McCann, CGMA, a former division CFO at Commerzbank in Singapore, shares tips on developing future finance leaders.

How to make flexible working work

As work/life balance becomes a higher priority for professionals worldwide, more companies are offering staff the opportunity to work remotely.

Working to close the skills gap

Many organizations are having difficulty finding skilled talent. This infographic explores the methods employers are using to attract top candidates and innovate their talent searches.

Regulation remains top risk for 2015

Some familiar risks are top-of-mind for executives and board members, and new concerns are emerging as well, according to survey results released Monday.

Drive competencies and develop talent

The financial planning and analysis department at Baker Hughes is more valuable and more collaborative thanks to a three-step employee-development process, the company’s Michael Kinney, CPA, explains.


Building client loyalty with payroll services

In this report, CPA experts detail their tactics for performing successful payroll services, how to mitigate risk in the process, and the impact payroll can have as a value-added service.


Using drones to enhance audits

Hermann Sidhu, CPA, global assurance digital leader at EY, walks us through EY’s exciting new project to use drones to help audit large warehouses and outdoor inventories.