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Recovery of Embezzled Assets Half a World Away

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY THE FIRST STEP IN A FORENSIC INVESTIGATION is to gather as many details as possible about the facts of an alleged misappropriation. But CPAs need to be systematic to guard against “information overload,” which can lead to important factors being overlooked. CPAs, INVESTIGATORS AND ATTORNEYS need to develop

The Station Never Sleeps

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A TREASURY WORKSTATION INCLUDES both hardware and treasury management applications. Systems that go by that name generally allow companies to automate most of their core treasury operations seamlessly with a database and communicate directly with banks, other financial institutions and sometimes even customers and suppliers. They can typically


Get your clients ready for tax season

These year-end tax planning strategies address recent tax law changes enacted to help taxpayers deal with the pandemic, such as tax credits for sick leave and family leave and new rules for retirement plan distributions, as well as techniques for putting your clients in the best possible tax position.


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