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CGMA launch focuses on nonfinancial value, long-term business strategies

A panel of executives meeting in the finance capitals of New York City and London discussed new research Tuesday on the importance of the human dimension and nonfinancial value in long-term business strategies. The event, hosted by the AICPA and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), was part of

Survey of CPAs Shows Economic Pessimism Still Prevalent, But Shrinking

Pessimism about the U.S. economy among CPA decision makers has shrunk slightly, but remains high, according to the AICPA Economic Outlook Survey for the fourth quarter of 2011. Forty percent of the 916 qualified respondents in the survey said they were somewhat or very pessimistic about the economy. That was

Building Blocks of a Successful Financial Close Process

Financial close systems, processes, people and their interconnectivity can be complex, but successful improvements to the process can be achieved by introducing some simple building blocks that are inexpensive to implement. Regardless of company size or complexity, all successful financial close processes require continuous communication, comprehensive documentation and a flexible,

Economic Optimism Slumps, Execs Anticipate Double-Dip Recession

Economic optimism dropped to a two-and-a-half year low as more than 60% of CPA financial executives thought it was likely the U.S. would experience a double-dip recession, according to results released Wednesday from the AICPA Business & Industry Economic Outlook Survey Q3 2011. Optimism for the U.S. economy significantly dropped

Firm Survey Shows Profitability Preserved Amid Flat Revenues

Despite flat revenues, CPA firms managed to maintain profitability during the past two years, according to the 2010 PCPS/TSCPA National Management of an Accounting Practice (MAP) Survey, a biennial survey conducted by the AICPA’s Private Companies Practice Section and the Texas Society of CPAs. The survey results provide a comprehensive

Get Ready to Restructure

Coping with a downturn often means restructuring for companies. Every restructuring has many moving parts—including layoffs, impairments, asset revaluations and debt relief. To engineer a favorable outcome, stay ahead of events, says Scott Davis, a partner in the Corporate Advisory and Restructuring Services practice at Grant Thornton. He offers these

Economic Outlook Improves

Optimism about the U.S. economy’s prospects improved sharply in the second quarter, but compensation freezes, layoffs and capital spending cuts are still on the horizon for about half of companies, according to a new survey of CPA financial executives. Nearly one-fifth of respondents were optimistic or very optimistic about the

Economic Outlook Remains Uncertain

Recessions—roughly two per decade—have occurred quite regularly since World War II. Most last less than four quarters, according to International Monetary Fund data. But the depth and breadth of recessions are notoriously difficult to predict. This article focuses on what CPA financial executives have experienced in the current recession, using

Unleash the Power of Lean Accounting

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Lean accounting concepts are designed to better reflect the financial performance of a company that has implemented lean manufacturing processes. These may include organizing costs by value stream, changing inventory valuation techniques, and modifying financial reports to include nonfinancial information. Value stream management (VSM) is a different way

Value Proposition

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The CPA is the gold standard in financial credentials, but CPAs are increasingly in short supply. The result is that it is more difficult and more expensive for companies to find qualified CPAs. CPAs can benefit companies in a number of ways that they may not anticipate. Unlike


6 key areas of change for accountants and auditors

New accounting standards on revenue recognition, leases, and credit losses present implementation challenges. This independently-written report identifies the hurdles that accounting professionals face and provides tips for overcoming the challenges.


How tax reform will impact individual taxpayers

Amy Wang, a CPA who is a senior technical manager for tax advocacy at the AICPA, answers to some of the most common questions on how the new tax reform law will impact individual taxpayers.