Private student loan debt: What CPAs need to know

Hosted by Chris Baysden

Student loans are one of the hottest financial topics in America right now due to the ever-increasing cost of higher education. Borrowing money to pay for school has grown in popularity over the years, but it can have consequences that linger long after graduation. In part two of a two-part podcast, we examine what potential borrowers need to know when considering taking out private student loans. The podcast guests are Jim Sullivan, CPA, who is a board member at the not-for-profit credit counseling agency Consumer Debt Counselors, and Melissa Towell Maguire, who is a student loan counselor for the organization. Part one of the podcast, which can be found here, covered what borrowers need to know about government-funded student loans.

What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Resources that may help borrowers or CPAs learn more about student loan repayment.
  • Should borrowers be willing to pay for additional help in understanding or managing their student loan repayment?
  • What do borrowers need to know about private student loans and their repayment options?
  • Why are financial awareness of and planning for student loans important?
  • What are student loan borrowers like when they come to experts for help?

Play the episode below: