How to get clients to follow your advice

Hosted by Courtney Vien

Having clients fail to take your advice can be frustrating. But by changing the way you offer that advice, you can increase the chances that clients will comply. Dr. Moira Somers, a clinical neuropsychologist and the author of the book Advice That Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice That People Will Follow, shares tweaks and strategies that can make clients more receptive to your advice.

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • The biggest mistake advisers make when giving advice.
  • Questions you can ask clients to determine whether they understand your advice and are ready to act on it.
  • How to help clients facing interference from family members.
  • What to do when clients are ambivalent toward your plan.
  • Why clients going through major life transitions struggle to follow advice.

Play the episode below:

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