Better computer and mobile device hygiene

Hosted by Neil Amato

Mike Foster was sitting in an airport lounge a few years ago, essentially watching a hacker install malicious software on an unsuspecting person’s mobile phone. He relays that story and more about device security in part two of a conversation. Part one offered advice tailored to organizations.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • An explanation of a computer’s “golden image” (2:17).
  • Why we should know what a “mouse jiggler” is (3:46).
  • The shortcut that easily locks your computer keyboard (5:53).
  • Why we should treat our mobile phones like our toothbrushes (6:37).
  • The airport lounge example of why we shouldn’t share our phones with strangers (7:29).
  • Why it’s potentially unsafe to connect to a public Wi-Fi network (13:29).

Play the episode below:

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