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The Journal of Accountancy is dedicated to ensuring CPAs stay well informed about the tax issues. This page gathers together news stories and articles from AICPA magazines and newsletters discussing the many aspects of the fiscal cliff that loomed at the end of 2012.

The fiscal cliff had many different aspects, all of which centered around one thing: The myriad tax and other fiscal changes that were scheduled to take effect in 2013. These include:

  1. 2012 expiring provisions (including Bush tax rates);
  2. 2011 expired tax provisions;
  3. The roll-out of the tax provisions of the health care law; and
  4. The mandatory spending cuts required by the last debt ceiling agreement.

Legislation passed on Jan. 1 solves many of the tax issues (some temporarily), but it only pushed mandatory spending cuts out until March 2013 and it did not tackle the issue of tax reform.

Practitioners should also watch for updates to the IRS’s PTIN program and the IRS’s ongoing program in which it pays compliance visits to preparers.

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Tax and fiscal reform

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PTINs and preparer regulation

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