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Colleen Cunningham, CPA

How IFRS Could Change Corporate Finance

Colleen Cunningham, CPA, global managing director of finance and accounting for Resources Global Professionals, explains how a move to IFRS in the U.S. could give rise to new litigation concerns and encourage outsourcing of certain finance functions. The video is available at tinyurl.com/3c9ufxd.


Also on journalofaccountancy.com, read an exclusive interview with FASB Chairman Leslie Seidman about how FASB might function if IFRS is adopted by U.S. public companies.





Kevin DanceyVIDEO

Hot Topics in Canada: Standards Change

Canada is having a big year for standards change. The nation converted to IFRS for public companies on Jan. 1 and revamped and streamlined financial reporting standards for private companies. In this video, Kevin Dancey, president and CEO of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, discusses those changes; Canada's adoption of international audit standards; and the importance of working closely with the U.S. The video is available at tinyurl.com/5usmt8o.



A Golden Opportunity for Gifts

Martin Shenkman, Esq., CPA/PFS, MBA, explains why now is the time for CPA advisers to structure gift plans for their clients: The record-high $5 million gift and estate tax exclusion sunsets at the end of next year, and other tax law and economic uncertainties loom. He tailors the advice to multiple scenarios for several types of clients. The video is available at tinyurl.com/43hx7zy.


Tom Hood, CPA


Learning From Social Media

CPAs are starting to use social media tools to enhance or augment formal learning. In this video, Tom Hood, CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs, explains the benefits and offers some advice on how to get started. The video is available at tinyurl.com/5wdc5a5.






Share Your Presentations

SlideShare is an online community for sharing ideas and research, and connecting with others. The free service, found at slideshare.net, allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations to share publicly or use privately.


The presentations can be embedded on company websites, blogs or intranets, or shared on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition to PowerPoint presentations, SlideShare supports Word documents, PDFs, videos and OpenOffice files.


SlideShare also offers other free programs to facilitate presentation sharing. Its Slidecast feature syncs an audio file with your presentation to create a webinar. Its new Zipcast service is a browser-based Web conferencing tool, which allows users to arrange online meetings and sends a unique URL for the meeting. The URL can be shared with an unlimited number of meeting participants.


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—Megan Pinkston ( mpinkston@aicpa.org) is the JofA’s senior online editor.


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