Featured Online Content for November 2010




Performance-Based Compensation

Accounting firms are increasingly using pay-for-performance to compensate their high performers. Compensation experts August Aquila and Coral Rice discuss key aspects of a pay-for-performance system, how it can benefit your firm and mistakes to avoid when implementing it.


Also on journalofaccountancy.com, read ideas from the AICPA’s Heidi Brundage, CPA, and Mark Koziel, CPA, for using compensation and rewards to retain top talent.





Lynn GoodVIDEO

Corporate Finance Career Development

Duke Energy CFO Lynn J. Good, CPA, shares her journey to lead the finance team for one of the nation’s largest energy utilities, gives advice to those aspiring to a career in financial management and shares with the JofA how her organization is implementing its career growth plan.   




Private Company Financial Reporting Update

A blue-ribbon panel on private company financial reporting was set to meet in October to hear feedback from the public and to make certain recommendations to the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF), FASB’s parent organization. The 18-member panel was formed in December 2009 and is a joint effort by the AICPA, FAF and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.


Doug ShulmanARTICLE

AICPA National Tax Conference Highlights

Read coverage of the AICPA National Tax Conference from Washington on Oct. 25–26. The agenda included sessions with IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman and Jim Vandehei, executive editor of Politico.







TwitterUsing Twitter Lists


Twitter users can follow up to 2,000 people, but reading the volume of information can be overwhelming. Managing and organizing users on Twitter is easier with Twitter Lists, which compiles groups of users, often with a common theme or topic, into lists.


To create a list:

  • On the Twitter home page, log in and click the “Lists” tab, then choose “Create a list.”
  • Enter a name and description for your list and choose whether you would like it to be public (other Twitter users can subscribe) or private (only you have access).
  • Add people you follow to the list.


There are two ways to add users to the list. You can search for individual users by username, business or name. For example, to add the JofA to your new list, enter “AICPA_JofA” into the search box and click the search icon. Click the “People” tab and you will see the “lists” icon to the right of the username. Click the icon and choose the list you’d like the JofA to appear in.


The second—and faster—way to add people you follow to a list is directly from your “following” page. Go to twitter.com/following when you’re logged in. Each user will have the “lists” icon to the right of his or her username. Go down the list of users and, using the corresponding “lists” icon, click the box for the list or lists you’d like to add them to.


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Leases standard: Tackling implementation — and beyond

The new accounting standard provides greater transparency but requires wide-ranging data gathering. Learn more by downloading this comprehensive report.