2010 Tax Software Survey: TaxSlayer Pro

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General Information
Tax program name: TaxSlayer Pro
Vendor name: TaxSlayer Pro
Telephone (sales): 888-420-1040
E-mail (sales): sales@taxslayerpro.com
Website: www.taxslayerpro.com
Number of users: 7,000+
Price on Federal 1040 (new customers): Classic: $895
Premium: $995
     Increase from last year? No
     By how much? N/A
Renewal price: Classic: $845
Premium: $945
State price (new customers): Included
     State renewal price: N/A
Pay-per-return pricing: N/A
Additional cost for e-filed returns: None
Web/SaaS Version
Do you offer an online/SaaS version? Yes
     Name: TaxSlayer Pro Online
     Cost: $995
     Number of users: 200
     When introduced: 2009
Toll free phone: No
Hours: 8-10 EST
E-mail support? Yes
IM/Chat? No
Other? Knowledge Base, Community Message Board
Do you offer organizers? Yes
Client letters? Yes
Client portals?

Yes. Introduced in 2009. More than 1,000 users.

Cost included in Premium.

Does your software integrate with other products? TaxSlayer Books
New features added to your software for this year:

Paper Cut: Streamline workflow and drastically reduce paper costs.
Paper Cut puts you on the path to a paperless office by letting you export, save and print returns as PDF documents. Not only that but you can also scan and save all of your client documents including W-2s, 1099s, IDs and even handwritten notes. Paper Cut will reduce paper, toner and storage operating costs associated with most tax preparation offices. Paper Cut also enables you to encrypt and e-mail tax returns directly to your clients.

PDF Vault: Securely backup your client files with the touch of a button.
PDF Vault provides offsite storage of your tax returns in a PDF format. This should give you peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable backup of all your returns. It also allows your clients the ability to obtain a copy of their return from anywhere that they have internet access.

Tax Status Now: Empower your clients to check the status of their return anytime.
Tax Status Now provides online access for you and your client to check on the status of their return. Check for IRS acceptance as well as Bank product status and check availability. Check statuses from any web browser including web enabled mobile devices.

Tax Office Assistant: Eliminate those "is my check ready" phone calls.
Tax Office Assistant will alert your bank product clients that their check is ready for pickup by sending them a text message to their cell phone. Our top-of-the-line text messaging system is integrated into the software.

AdPack: Our AdPack provides production-ready print and radio media.
Includes but not limited to banners, promotional handouts, mailers, and e-mail templates. Also includes a thirty-second radio spot that can be used to highlight your tax office.

Mobile Manager: Manage your office from anywhere.
TaxSlayer Mobile Manager provides on-the-go access to management reports from TaxSlayer Pro including revenue, volume, client management, and bank product reports. Access these reports easily from anywhere with internet access.


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