CPA Exam emergency testing period invoked

An emergency testing period for the CPA Exam is being invoked as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The 2020 second-quarter testing window is being extended from June 10 to June 30.

AICPA requests broader relief for taxpayers

In a letter to Treasury and the IRS, the AICPA requested that recent filing and payment relief related to the COVID-19 pandemic be expanded because the current relief does not cover all tax filings and payments affected by the pandemic.

GASB considers postponing effective dates

GASB is considering postponing all statement and implementation guide provisions with an effective date that begins on or after reporting periods beginning after June 15, 2018, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

How auditors can test inventory without a site visit

Inventory counts for March 31 year-end financial statements are a challenge for auditors during the coronavirus outbreak. But there are a few methods that can provide sufficient appropriate evidence of inventory even when the auditor can’t make a site visit.

News quiz: Coronavirus dominates the cycle

The news has been coming fast and furious in the past few weeks. The JofA has reported daily about the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the accounting profession.

SEC extends pandemic-related relief

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it has extended coronavirus-related filing relief provided to public companies, funds and investment advisers.

AICPA-led coalition calls for small business funding

An AICPA-led coalition is urging quick government action to avert layoffs and allow small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic to continue paying workers. A key step is a federal payroll funding account that small business payroll processors could use to get money directly to employees.

PCAOB provides firms opportunity for inspection relief

A relief period of up to 45 days from PCAOB inspections will be available to audit firms that request relief. Firms that wish to use all or part of the 45-day period can reach out to their designated PCAOB inspections point of contact.

Regulators clear way for certain loan modifications amid pandemic

A move by regulators to ease certain restrictions for borrowers in good standing will facilitate loan modifications linked to the coronavirus pandemic. But borrowers will need to act fast to secure relief while still in good standing with their lenders, which has been defined as being less than 30 days past due on contractual payments at the time a modification is implemented.

IRS provides guidance for April 15 filing delay

The IRS announced the postponement of the April 15 federal income tax filing deadline until July 15. Friday’s notice expands on earlier guidance that had only postponed tax payments but not the filing deadline.


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