Scholarship encourages minority doctoral students

As part of its effort to increase diversity among educators in accounting programs, the AICPA Foundation granted fellowships to 25 minority doctoral students.

The Minority Doctoral Fellowship program provides $12,000 to students who are ethnic minorities and U.S. citizens or permanent residents, who have earned a master's degree or worked at least three years full time in the accounting profession.

The 2020—2021 fellowship recipients, followed by the doctoral programs they attend, are:

  • Christiana Antwi-Obimpeh, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Ryan Ballestero, University of Texas at Austin
  • Gabe Caceres, Florida International University
  • Hilda Carrillo, University of South Florida
  • Nikki Chappell, Florida State University
  • LaToya Flint, University of Mississippi
  • Roberto Gonzales, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Paige Harrell, Emory University
  • Claudia Hernandez, Florida International University
  • Andria Hill, University of Central Florida
  • Brittani Shantel Jackson, Indiana University
  • Devon Privette Jefferson, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Monica Kabutey, University of North Texas
  • Carissa Malone, Virginia Tech University
  • Tendai Masaya, Yale University
  • Ann Mungai, Florida Atlantic University
  • Iguehi Rajsky, Temple University
  • Jeremy Richardson, Texas Tech University
  • Vernan Rivera, University of Connecticut
  • Christina Ruiz, Arizona State University
  • Nuria Seijas, The University of Arizona
  • Andrea Tillet, Florida State University
  • Edgar Rodriguez Vazquez, University of Washington
  • Raul Villamil-Otero, University of South Florida
  • Lawrence Williams, Florida Atlantic University

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