A better way to save

By Kelly L. Williams, CPA, Ph.D.

Q. Every time I save my Excel workbooks, I have to browse and click several things to get to the location where I want to save. Is there a faster way to save to specific locations?

A. You can specify a default location to save your Excel workbooks. You can also "pin" other locations so that they are quickly accessible every time you save. To specify a default location to save, click the Save icon or Ctrl+S on a new Excel file. Choose the location that you want to specify as the default. While hovering over the selected location, click the ellipsis on the far right of the location path and choose Set As Default Location. To pin a location path, click the Save icon or Ctrl+S. Choose the location that you want to pin and click the picture of a pin (see the screenshots below).


This also works with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Note that this content was based on Microsoft Office 365 for PCs. Other versions of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint may work differently.

About the author

Kelly L. Williams, CPA, Ph.D., MBA, is an associate professor of accounting at the Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University.

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