Fellowships support minority doctoral students

The AICPA Foundation granted fellowships to 25 minority doctoral students.

The Minority Doctoral Fellowship program, which serves to bolster the number of minority CPAs serving as educators at colleges and universities, provides $12,000 to each student, renewable for up to an additional four years, assuming students continue to meet eligibility requirements.

All fellows must be ethnic minorities and U.S. citizens or permanent residents, who have earned a master's degree or worked at least three years full time in the accounting profession.

The 2019—20 recipients are listed below, along with the doctoral programs they are attending:

Christiana Antwi-Obimpeh, University of Texas at San Antonio

Ryan Ballestero, University of Texas at Austin

Candice Boucree, Louisiana State University

Hilda Carrillo, University of South Florida

LaToya Flint, University of Mississippi

Danielle Gant, Texas Tech University

Paige Harrell, Emory University

Claudia Hernandez, Florida International University

Andria Hill, University of Central Florida

Brittani Jackson, Indiana University

Devon Privette Jefferson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Carissa Malone, Virginia Tech University

Tendai Masaya, Yale University

Ann Mungai, Florida Atlantic University

Christian Paparcuri, Arizona State University

Clay Partridge, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Iguehi Rajsky, Temple University

Jeremy Richardson, Texas Tech University

Vernan Rivera, University of Connecticut

Christina Ruiz, Arizona State University

Nuria Seijas, University of Arizona

Syrena Shirley, The Pennsylvania State University

Andrea Tillet, Florida State University

Edgar Rodriguez Vazquez, University of Washington

Kimberly Walker, University of Wisconsin—Madison


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