Educators awarded for innovative accounting curricula

Educators received AICPA Effective Learning Strategies Awards, which are given each year to educators who demonstrate innovative teaching practices and curricula in introductory, upper division, and graduate levels.

Karen Braun, professor at Case Western Reserve University, received the Bea Sanders/AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award for the first sequence of accounting. Her entry, "Excel-Based Active-Learning for the Managerial Accounting Course," offers a series of Microsoft Excel-based projects that allow students to apply managerial accounting concepts to business issues while developing Excel skills as part of an introductory managerial accounting course.

Kelvie Crabb, lecturer at The University of Kansas; Gail Hoover King, professor at Purdue University Northwest; and Kimberly Swanson Church, assistant professor at University of Missouri—Kansas City, received honorable mention for their submission, "Launch Learning: Students Create, Collaborate ... and Comprehend Managerial Accounting!"

Sandria Stephenson, assistant professor of accounting at Kennesaw State University, received the George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award for junior- and senior-level accounting courses. Her submission, "Reflective Ethical Decision: A Model for Ethics in Accounting Education," uses the underpinnings of philosophical humanism in collaboration with self-directed learning to help students determine and design their own personal model construct of ethical values.

Tracie Miller-Nobles, associate professor at Austin Community College, received honorable mention for her submission, "Utilizing Concept Mapping in Individual Income Tax."

Charles J. Leflar, clinical professor; Katie L. Terrell, instructor; and JaLynn Thomas, lecturer, all at the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, received the Mark Chain/FSA Teaching Innovation for graduate-level accounting courses. Their entry, "Interviewing for Requirements in the Advanced AIS Classroom," teaches students to consider business goals, as well as analyze specific processes and the needs of future users, when designing accounting information systems.

Cassy Budd, teaching professor at Brigham Young University, received an honorable mention for her submission, "Case Method Teaching in a Graduate Class: Setting the Stage for Success."

The awards, sponsored by the AICPA, the Federation of Schools of Accountancy, and Grant Thornton include $2,500 and a plaque. The winners have the opportunity to present their curricula at the 2017 AAA annual meeting, and their curricula will be included alongside past winners as part of the Accounting Professors' Curriculum Resource, the AICPA curriculum tool.


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