Make the Size of Outlook Calendar's Weekends Equal Weekdays


I have an active life in addition to my professional hours from Monday to Friday. So it annoys me that the Outlook calendar shows Saturdays and Sundays squeezed down into half-size boxes. How can I overcome this oversight?

 It’s not quite an oversight—it’s just the default Outlook view, which apparently satisfies many users. However, you can easily change it. Right-click in any blank area of the calendar grid and then click on Other Settings on the shortcut menu to bring up this screen.

Remove the check next to Compress weekend days and then click on OK and you can have it your way.

Since you’re concerned about the smaller Saturday-Sunday boxes, you also may appreciate knowing that you don’t have to have Saturday on the extreme left of the page and Sunday on the other end. You can have them sitting side by side. To do that, go to Tools, Options, Calendar Options, Calendar work week (see screenshot below) and make Monday, rather than Sunday, the First day of week.

So it will look like this:


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