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This blog is dedicated to all things Sarbanes-Oxley and posts the latest news and developments related to the law. The “Books” section features links to buy SOX tomes that cover the basics, provide tools and offer tips for managers. There is also a list of software for compliance, audit management, risk management, fraud detection and more. Under the “Jobs” tab, SOX experts can search for employment, and employers can post available positions. There are even options to sign up for RSS feeds or get the latest posts delivered via e-mail.


Visit the AICPA’s Financial Management Center for a one-stop resource for XBRL, Sarbanes-Oxley and management accounting information. The site’s “The New Finance” series covers process-based accounting and competitive intelligence. Click the “Community” tab to sign up to receive BusIndNews , the monthly e-newsletter for business and industry members, or Government E-News , the quarterly e-newsletter specifically for members in government; you can also browse the archives of Corporate Finance Insider , which covers corporate compliance issues. Also learn about upcoming conferences.


Sponsored by the Lean Accounting Summit, this Smart Stop provides news and events for the expanding lean accounting community. Subscribers to the site’s e-newsletter can access the news archive, which includes articles such as “Be a Change Agent” and “The System for Lean Management.” There is also registration information for the fourth annual Lean Accounting Summit, Sept. 17–18 in Las Vegas, as well as conferences from the Association of Manufacturing Excellence. For further details, visit and



Get daily tax updates at this Smart Stop from Des Moines, Iowa-based firm Roth & Co. PC. Since 2001, author Joe Kristan, CPA, the firm’s tax technical director, has been posting on dozens of tax topics, including backdated options, reform, the AMT and tax shelter news. As the 2007 filing deadline approaches, check out Kristan’s “Down to the Wire” posts and “Filing Season Tip.” The site also offers a searchable archive and e-newsletter.


Can’t keep track of how many office supply and corporate gift catalogs you receive each month? Reduce clutter and save resources by opting out of unsolicited or repeat catalogs. Registered users can search or browse through hundreds of catalogs, choosing to opt out of any publications they no longer wish to receive. Users can decline catalogs sent to more than one address, such as business and personal mailboxes, as well as add names to the account. On the “My Choices” page, users can track declined catalogs, revoke decline requests and find links for (paperless) online shopping.


This site puts tax law research at your fingertips, providing searchable databases for U.S. federal income and estate tax law. You can search all tax cases or sort by court. There are also database searches for IRS materials, such as revenue rulings, memoranda and announcements. The “Legislation Links” take you directly to IRS regulations, forms and publications, Internal Revenue Code, public laws search page and U.S. income tax treaties. Plus, the home page features news on tax, international business, U.S. current events and…sports.


When looking for airfare, should you buy now or later? Farecast’s prediction tool takes your desired destination and flight dates and lets you know if the lowest fare is rising or dropping over the next week, providing a “Buy Now” or “Wait” assessment. In a third-party audit of 44,000 predictions, the site was accurate in its predictions 74.6% of the time. The site recently launched a similar service for lodging, the Hotel Rate Key, in beta; after a hotel search, the site compares each hotel’s current low rate against its historical low rates—tagging it as a “deal,” “average” or “not a deal.” If your travel dates are flexible, use “Farecast Deals” to find the lowest fare to your destination city for the next 90 days. 


Keeping you informed and prepared amid the coronavirus crisis

We’re gathering the latest news stories along with relevant columns, tips, podcasts, and videos on this page, along with curated items from our archives to help with uncertainty and disruption.


Building process maps: Template and instructions

Documenting your financial close process and finding opportunities for automation are more important than ever. Our customizable slide deck has instructions, a risk assessment questionnaire, and bonus checklists that will help you map out your process.