Our Last Word: JofA Editorial and Design Team






With the poignant sentiment that closing a chapter of life brings, each member
of the
JofA editorial and design team wishes to say farewell. On January 19 we hand over the magazine to the new team in the AICPA’s new digs in Durham, N.C. with hopes they enjoy working for you as much as we have. The JofA team, clockwise from top left:

Jeryl Costello (Art Director, 21 years). I’m proud to hold the distinction of being the first Art Director of the Journal of Accountancy. Producing over 250 issues, the thrill of seeing the most recent edition arrive “hot off the press” each month never diminished. I’m honored to have been a caretaker of this important and distinguished publication.

Sarah Cobb (Assistant Editor, 20 years). Where did the time go? I have been privileged to work for the JofA and have made many friends along the way. I would like to thank my colleagues, the JofA editorial advisers, technical reviewers and authors, who have helped to make my association with the Institute a most pleasant and memorable experience.

Vince Nolan (Assistant Editor, 10 years). When I came on board the JofA , “Smart Stops on the Web” premiered in February 1997 as three-quarters of a column and gradually worked its way up to its own page by the December 1999 issue, where it has thrived. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal readers who have kept “Smart Stops on the Web” going strong for the past decade.

Michael Hayes (Senior Editor, 9 years). If money is the blood of nations, dispersing nourishment far and wide, then CPAs help keep the pressure and circulation steady. Being on the JofA isn’t quite like ER, but I’ve loved being an editor and writer for this vital world. Indeed, the process has always been exciting, honorable, rigorous, hopeful. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

Laura Baron (Features Copy Editor, 6 years). Like the accounting profession, the Journal of Accountancy is a tradition of excellence and it’s been an honor to serve the readership. As I move on to future endeavors, my only hope is that the talented people I’ve worked with over the years have rubbed off on me! Thank you all!

Cheryl Rosen (Managing Editor, 3 years). We think the Journal will not be the same without us—and of course it won’t be. But the JofA has spent the past 100 years bringing CPAs together, and I know it will go on enlightening and informing you for 100 more. It’s been my pleasure and honor to be part of its history.

Peter Fleming (Senior Editor, 16 years). I wish farewell to the many friends I have made at the AICPA, especially my Journal colleagues past and present. I also offer best wishes to our successors in Durham. As I end my tenure here, I look forward to the professional challenges ahead but will always remember Colleen Katz’s support and guidance. And thanks to our readers—they are the reason we do this every month.

James Quaglietta (Senior Editor, 2 years). It has been an honor and a privilege working for the JofA for the past couple of years. I have enjoyed providing readers with articles that they could utilize in their practices. It has been a very rewarding experience.

Colleen Katz (Editor-in-Chief, 19 years). It was a journalist’s dream job: A profession facing terrific expansion and challenges, a magazine to track it all, a talented staff, members whose dedication never faltered and became good friends. What superb memories I have. Thanks.

Robert Tie (Senior Editor, 7 years). I’ve enjoyed 7 fulfilling years with my JofA friends and colleagues. Together with member authors and editorial advisers as well as AICPA staff, we have been committed to providing information that helps you serve your clients and employers with maximum effectiveness. Au revoir.

Katharine Coveleski (Senior Editor, 10 years). Working on the JofA has been a truly interesting time for me. I will miss the excitement of getting the magazine into print each month, the sense of mission my colleagues and I shared in the process, and the satisfaction of a tangible result. Congratulations to the new staff.


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