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Staff Smart
CPAs responsible for filling open positions will want to check out Automatic Data Processing Inc.’s (ADP) Web site for its calculator that determines the cost of a bad hire and of high turnover. The site also offers free information on screening candidates and adhering to compliance rules for background credit and criminal records checks. Register for free to get ADP’s Smart Hire newsletter and to access articles in the HR Library.

On the Boards
If you’re looking for guidelines and tips on human resources topics, sign up for free at this Web stop to access the discussion boards. The Human Resources section covers topics such as compensation and benefits, motivation and improvement, knowledge management, payroll, HR software options and staffing. Read questions and responses from professionals in the field worldwide.

HR Know-How
This Florida-based company’s home on the Web features free monthly articles on the new role of the HR professional, how to get the best performance out of your team and whether flex-time is the answer to attract, recruit and retain talent. Subscribe for free to the HR Times e-newsletter or click on Links for benefits and compensation, compliance, labor law and recruiting resources.

Succeed at Succession
In addition to a general Human Resources Management section, this Smart Stop includes a seven-step succession plan and tips on how to prepare your firm’s next generation of leaders. The Human Resources Management link has free online training programs, a field guide for leadership and supervision, and advice on employment law compliance, personnel policies and employee training.

It’s All Relative
CPAs who need help with succession planning for their family-owned-firm clients will be interested in the Family Business e-newsletter, as well as the article on the seven development stages of succession. Users can find advice on how to bring in the next generation and case studies on succession to nonfamily members. Professionals worldwide share their experiences on working with family-owned businesses in the 60-Second Interview section.

Pound the E-Pavement
Whether you’re looking for an entry-level accounting position or a move up the ladder from your current one, this Smart Stop lets you post your resume and search full- or part-time job listings from Fortune 1000 companies and in forensic and government accounting. Users can link from this site to, where there are articles on how to write a winning cover letter and resume, 13 interview mistakes to avoid and how to negotiate a salary increase.

A Collaborative Effort
If you’re a CPA with tips on how to better the quality of your work, then share them here. This knowledge repository lets registered users post articles on accounting topics including attestation, business law, ethics, taxation and technology. Research or add definitions to a glossary of accounting terms and download articles such as one with seven fraud-prevention tips.

Come Blow Your Horn
Find out whether your current marketing plan needs an overhaul here. Sole practitioners and small-firm marketers can get ideas and guidance here on how to advertise their services. Learn the pros and cons of employing captioned cartoons and comic strips, read detailed discussions on how best to use print ads, or create an eye-catching corporate logo and an on-target brochure.

Big Advice for Small Businesses
The Fryar Management Group’s Web site offers accounting, tax and general business advice for small firm owners. There’s a free newsletter with guidance on avoiding identity theft, estate tax facts, retirement fund options and how-tos for shifting investment income. The Finance and Paycheck Calculators can determine loan payments and retirement income. The Tax Center has links to a state refund tracker and a tax due date calendar.

Plan Tomorrow Today
Retirees trying to answer the question, “What do I do now?” can get expert advice from retirement planner and coach Bruce Macdonald at his Web spot. Sign up for the free Age of Fulfillment e-zine, with discussions on what to do if you suddenly find yourself single at retirement, whether marriage and retirement mix and how to navigate the emotional ebb and flow of having too much free time.

—Vince Nolan


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