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Springboard for Searches
In addition to listing the most popular user searches and an option to download a free version of its toolbar, this search engine and business directory provides news stories by industry–financial services, human resources and small business, for example. Visitors also can find job opportunities through a link to , and CPA/ABVs will find many valuation resources here. A search of the words business valuation yielded more than 200 results, including the following:
Free registration leads users to a brochure for this company’s valuation services that has brief case studies on how e-commerce data providers and technology developers implemented business strategies. Visitors can read a sample business plan including a financial snapshot of projected earnings and purchase BV software.
CPA/ABVs can find help in valuing a business by choosing various options from a pull-down menu to get tips tailored to their individual scenario. Users can read frequently asked questions on business appraisal and valuation services, get this company’s methodology for selling a business, or sign up for access to a business valuation calculator.
Business valuators looking for resources will find them here with articles including “Valuation Rules of Thumb” and “Choosing an Appraiser.” Users can find links to information on BV methods, estimating a fair price and valuing a business for sale in the Elsewhere on the Web section.
CPA/ABVs Gary and Linda Trugman offer visitors to their site recent issues of the Valuation Trends newsletter, featuring the latest court decisions on cases involving buy-sell agreements, enterprise vs. personal goodwill and IPOs. For more information users can order Mr. Trugman’s book, Understanding Business Valuation: A Practical Guide to Valuing Small to Medium Sized Businesses (AICPA, hardcover, # 056600JA, ).


Don’t Rock the Boat
CPA firm owners and HR managers can get information on business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management plans at John Glenn’s e-stop. The archives of articles on contingency planning include the titles “Approaches to a Common Goal” and “Mitigating a Negative Concept.” Other links take users to presentations on business continuity ethics and other topics.

HR = Heavy Resources
Business owners and human resources managers can register here for free to open all channels of this Web site about managing your workforce. The site is loaded with articles, surveys and worksheets on benefits, business trends, legal issues, staffing and technology. Need to know how to assess informal workplace learning or defuse morale breakdown? Read the Dear Workforce column for advice. Users also can find case studies and webcasts or look into subscribing to Workforce Management magazine.

Expect the Unexpected
Here CPAs can find all of the resources they need to continue normal firm operations in the event of a disaster. Users can sign up for the free Business Continuity Planner newsletter, read true stories on disaster recovery, find sample copies of company floor plans to emulate for their own office space, and download documentation to help organize emergency services and staff contact numbers. Visitors also can become members of the disaster recovery planning discussion forum at .

LLC 101
CPAs trying to find information on limited liability companies can read a detailed overview of the topic here, including the free report The Windfall Profits Paradox on building long-term business wealth. There are tips on how to secure a loan, manage your time or set up the best possible trade-show displays and links to resources on incorporation services for offshore businesses.

Excellent E-Lookups
Almanacs, atlases and encyclopedias, oh, my! Users can find them all here—along with dictionaries, thesauruses and telephone books at this e-reference desk. The home page features This Day in History, Today’s News and What Does It Mean? sections. There’s a glossary of financial terms, and CPAs can find financial calculators for budgeting and saving, home mortgages, insurance, mutual funds, retirement, Roth IRAs and stocks and bonds. The Business and Finance section lists the top NYSE stocks by dollar value and the link to unlocks channels for users to search industry-specific jobs.

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Better decision-making with data analytics

Data analytics has become a hot topic, but many organizations have not yet managed to understand its potential, let alone put it to work. This report will take a deep-dive on how to best introduce or enhance the use of data in decision-making.