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echnology is the great enabler and one of the most powerful forces of change. Ever evolving and dynamic, technology touches much of what CPAs do. CPAs use and leverage technology in ways that add value to clients, customers and employers. The AICPA supports technology and technology-enabled services to improve business objectives and decision making, including: business applications, system integrity and security, knowledge management and the integration of new business processes and practices. CPAs practicing or interested in information technology (IT) can benefit from the AICPA’s new, online IT resource by visiting .

“Being a member of our IT community will help enhance general technological competency and the quality of technology and technology-enabled services provided by members,” said Roman Kepczyk, CPA/CITP, chair of the AICPA Information Technology Executive Committee. “Our new community Web site gives our members the ability to find the resources they need in one convenient place, anytime they want them. One of our most important IT initiatives—the annual AICPA Top 10 Technologies list—also will have a new home on the site.” Resources developed around the Top 10 Technologies will be added to the site regularly.

“Our goal is to provide an online resource for all CPAs in the IT community, whether in business and industry, academia, government or public practice,” said James Metzler, CPA, AICPA vice-president for small firm interests. “CPAs who want to stay up to date on the latest developments in IT now have a place online to begin their quest. CPAs in other segments, including business and industry, can access guidance that will help them understand the impact of IT issues on their organizations and find tools to help them implement solutions.”

The AICPA IT community Web site is designed to assist CPAs who want to leverage information technology to increase efficiency and boost profits. Whether in industry or public practice, CPAs can find the tools and guidance they need to bring the latest developments in technology to their organizations. The mission of the IT community is

Provide IT section members and Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) credential holders with resources to help them enhance their competency and allow them to share best practices.

Serve as a comprehensive resource for information and education about new technologies for CPAs.

Raise awareness about the importance of demonstrating expertise about business technology issues and attaining the CITP credential.

Provide information about the community’s activities to other stakeholders.

The IT community Web site is a comprehensive resource that conveniently organizes information as follows:

Home. Section members and CITP holders can log in here to access premium resources. Others can log in to access information available to all AICPA members. Experience the power of the new, keyword-driven search engine when looking for tools such as Systrust principles and criteria, privacy checklists or articles on current IT topics. Look to the spotlight and news areas for important announcements.

Resources. At one central location, access the research tools, practice aids, specialized guidance, calculators and other reference materials you need. See critical regulatory and legislative information on topics such as the Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and others.

Community. Section members and CITPs enter their respective online discussion forums here to collaborate on IT issues. Search for a CITP here and locate committee members.

Events. A listing of conferences, webcasts and seminars for CPAs in the IT community.

Membership. Learn more about the benefits of joining the IT membership section or applying for the CITP credential. Members and CITPs can access online versions of their specialized publications. Registering on the Web site ensures you access to the information you need.

Products. Find products and tools on IT governance, security controls, information security, top technologies and more.

The IT Community includes CPAs who hold the CITP credential, members of the IT section and CPAs who want to maximize their understanding of information technology to increase efficiency and boost profits. The IT Community provides a venue for CPAs, their clients, employers and customers to research, monitor, assess, educate and communicate the impact of technology developments on business solutions.

Premium content has been reserved for members of the IT section and CITP credential holders. “This new resource is an important accomplishment for CITPs in that it provides an additional channel to network and collaborate,” said Michael Dickson, CPA/CITP, chair of the AICPA CITP Credential Committee. “I’m excited because this is only the first stage. New tools and resources will be added regularly to keep the content fresh and relevant.”

To learn about premium benefits or becoming a CITP credential holder or member of the IT section, click on the Membership tab of .


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