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Plan for Change

CPAs, CEOs and CFOs can visit this business strategy consulting company’s Web site and download the “Ten Guiding Principles of Change Management” for strategies and tips on managing change within an organization. Users also can read free articles such as “Reducing Overhead Costs Is Still the Top Priority for Chief Financial Officers” and get a free issue with a subscription to the online version of Booz Allen’s monthly magazine, Strategy+Business.

Resources for Women

Female professionals who visit this e-stop will find helpful links to employment tax forms and tax tips from experts at the Department of Labor and the IRS, to name a couple. The site also features business development resources on expanding and financing a business, training and counseling.

Expert Advice

CPA firm owners looking to share advice about conferencing, Internet marketing and investment and financing matters with other practitioners can register for a free membership to this e-site. All visitors can find articles such as “Sarbanes-Oxley Requirements Remain a Wild Card for Outsourcers.”

Meet Ms. Sarbox

In addition to links to the full text of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and corporate governance e-stops, CPAs who visit this light-hearted Web site can find a compliance checklist for nonprofits and charitable foundations, read cartoons and jokes and play the Jeopardy-style Sarbanes-Oxley game with categories including new disclosure and officer certification. Users can read articles from Ms. Sarbox’s private collection on related topics including accounting, auditing and legal concerns.

Are You Ready Yet?

Compliance officers visiting this site can find an overview of Sarbanes-Oxley, definitions of related terms, a series of questions to assess clients’ compliance readiness and a best practices list. There also are white papers entitled, “Focus on Critical Business Processes to Drive Rapid Application Deployment” and “Uncovering Hidden Liabilities and Predicting Revenue Drag in Mergers and Acquisitions.”

Take a Tip

CPAs interested in information on streamlining office processes and meeting risk-management requirements can visit this Web site to read white papers such as “Establishing a Continuous Improvement Culture to Improve Project Results” and “The Sayings of Confucius and the Art of Project Management Processes” as well as current and archived tips of the week back to 2002.

Get on a Roll

This e-stop reminds U.S. wage earners that National Payroll Week begins September 6 with special sections on how to mark the occasion at your office and links to video clips and print files of media coverage. Regular site features include Managing and Maximizing Your Paycheck, with information on using direct deposit and on personal finance. Other areas offer retirement planning and savings calculators.

Smooth Office Relations
Do you work for a monster of a boss or have to share a project with a mean-spirited coworker? If so, register for free at these two Web sites and shore up interpersonal skills:

With more than 1,200 links to articles such as “Being Cool When the Boss Is Not” and “20 Ways to Deal With Difficult People,” as well as human resources survey results from the Chubb Group of Insurance Cos., this stop offers a variety of information on handling problem personalities.

This site has entire sections devoted to “bad boss behaviors”—bullying, incompetence, harassment and discrimination, inadequate compensation, disrespect of rights and privacy invasion—and general solutions and advice for dealing with them.

Research for Techies

At this Smart Stop CPAs and tech enthusiasts can read news and reviews of the latest technology products before buying that next peripheral. Categories include computers, mobile phones and personal digital assistants for the office. Users can scan headlines and summaries for links to reviews on digital and home entertainment products.

“Just the Good Stuff”

A new high-speed public dryer that sucks the water right off your hands? Mitsubishi Electric made it happen. Read all about it and other gadgets at this fun Web site. CPAs also can check out a computerized “smart shoe” from Adidas and T-Mobile’s answer to the Blackberry—Sidekick—which purportedly is a hit in Hollywood. Featured gadgets for the office include a travel power briefcase and an iceless can cooler.


Implementing a global statutory reporting maturity model

Assess your organization's capabilities and progress toward an ideal state of global statutory reporting. Sponsored by Workiva.


Black CPA Centennial, 1921–2021

With 2021 marking the 100th anniversary of the first Black licensed CPA in the United States, a yearlong campaign kicked off to recognize the nation’s Black CPAs and encourage greater progress in diversity, inclusion, and equity in the CPA profession.