Smart Stops on the Web

For IT Educators and Leaders
Here, CPAs who specialize in IT professional development can find helpful resources such as tips on needs assessment for offices or classrooms and articles including “Data Can Drive Development.” Users also can read software reviews and find links to general search engines as well as to an encyclopedia with more than 20,000 IT terms.

Free Online Resources
CPA IT professionals can register for free at this Web stop and enroll in gratis e-seminars on topics such as best practices for enterprise data integration, information security and wireless LAN deployment. Users seeking to advise clients on application storage management systems will want to give them the quick quiz “Do You Need to Automate?” before proceeding.

Read to Keep Up
In addition to providing free either two hard copies of the magazine or a digital issue, Technology Review offers visitors to its Web site a free subscription to the newsletter Technology Review Update . Other gratis offerings include the sections Predictive Markets, where users can predict future outcomes of IT issues to win prizes, and Research News, which has links to information on industry innovations.

Less Search Time, More Results
CPAs looking for IT articles from the past 12 years can register here for a free seven-day trial. Users can search more than 150 publications, store favorite articles directly online at this site, keep track of what they’ve looked at—saved or not—and let KeepMedia find other articles based on their previous choices. A general search on the word technology returned more than 14,000 results.

Telecommuting Technology
CPAs working from home or remote locations can find case studies and statistics on this trend through the frequently-asked-questions section at June Langhoff’s Telecommuting Resource Center. Also, visitors can look through the business travelers’ survival guide to find tips and links to airlines, ATM locations and business services for mobile users. Companies interested in starting a work-at-home program can research the costs and get links to model telecommuting agreements and policies.

“The Silly Con Valley Report”
Don’t be fooled by this Web site’s light tone: Useful nuggets of information, including the latest reports on software designs, how to thwart spam and a 300-Gb hard drive, can be found beneath all the humor. Also, users can read up on the latest in broadband and handheld technology and Windows XP through the newsfeed links as well as join up for a free weekly e-newsletter.


Illustrate to Illuminate
CPAs working in the depository and lending institutions industry can find illustrative examples of financial statements for banks, credit unions and mortgage and savings companies that conform to FASB standards at this section of the AICPA Web site. Samples include consolidated balance sheets and statements of cash flow, financial condition and income, to name a few.

Calculators and Cons
Tax practitioners and their clients can find an assortment of calculators at this Web site including ones for savings bonds, loan amortizations and mortgage and IRA comparisons. Users can read current and archived tax tips of the week as well as articles on spotting scams in the Fraud Alert section.

For the Career Minded
Female candidates can utilize this e-stop’s free trial rsum posting service and search for jobs in accounting, auditing, economics and finance, for example. Prospective employees will find opportunities including management and technology consultant jobs and marketing vice-president positions. Employers can advertise open positions gratis as well.

Sales Resources and Techniques
Small business owners and practitioners looking to increase revenue streams by selling existing and new services to clients can find sales advice at this Web site in articles such as “The Five Paths to Increased Earnings” and “Using Anchors in Sales.” Also, users can test nonverbal skills with an online quiz and use a calculator to see three-year growth prospects at a link to .

Tips on Gratuities
Have you ever wondered how much to tip an airport skycap, a limousine or taxi driver or a food or furniture delivery serviceperson? This site not only lists acceptable gratuity amounts but gives adjusted rates for special considerations—for example, skycaps should get more for pushing a wheelchair-bound person than for carrying baggage alone. Also, users can download a paper copy of the 2004 tip chart.


Get your clients ready for tax season

Upon its enactment in March, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) introduced many new tax changes, some of which retroactively affected 2020 returns. Making the right moves now can help you mitigate any surprises heading into 2022.


Black CPA Centennial, 1921–2021

With 2021 marking the 100th anniversary of the first Black licensed CPA in the United States, a yearlong campaign kicked off to recognize the nation’s Black CPAs and encourage greater progress in diversity, inclusion, and equity in the CPA profession.