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Sarbanes-Oxley Act/PCAOB Implementation Central

Auditors and CPAs looking for background material and implementation guidance on the 2002 act will find documents including “How the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Impacts the Accounting Profession” at the Institute’s Web site. Visitors also can download “Key Internal Controls for Management” as well as find links to GAO studies, PCAOB activities and SEC-approved implementation rules.

Webcasts, White Papers and More IT Content

CPAs with questions about audit compliance can research IT solutions for their clients’ businesses at this Web site. A general search on the term Sarbanes-Oxley returned 21 results including webcasts, analyst reports and white papers on topics such as using technology for the retention of electronic records. Also users can sign up for free newsletters on, for example, compliance and information management.

A Compliant Site

Audit committee members, CEOs, CFOs and independent auditors will find current and background information at this e-stop’s Sarbanes-Oxley Resource Center. Users also can click on links to SEC press releases, regulations and the full text of the act as well as view a demo for OpenPages Sarbanes-Oxley Express software.

Risky Business

Free registration at this Web site gains CPAs and asset liability professionals access to discussion forums on risk management topics and articles including “Ten Common Failures in Independent Risk Oversight.” Job seekers can find available management positions, such as risk consultants and strategic planners, by clicking on the Jobs tab on the home page.


Rethink Business Processes

CPA team leaders and project managers “reengineering their business processes” can register gratis at this Web site and read the executive summary for ProSci’s report on best practices in change management. Visitors can learn how to write an effective business plan and become acquainted with the “five biggest mistakes top management can make during a major change.” They then can check out links to the following two ProSci-sponsored sites:
Here consultants and project managers can read a panel’s debate on the “role of executives and CEOs in managing change” and read articles including “9 Tips for Change Agents.”
This link offers visitors free articles including “It Doesn’t Work (Accountability Without Authority)” and “Strategic Planning: An Essential Tool for Organizational Success and Growth.” Users also can find a list of links to resources at other change-management Web sites.

Big Ideas for Little Companies

CPA small firm owners can find free resources including discussion forums on topics such as business development, information technology and Internet marketing at this Web stop. Visitors can find links to subjects from accounting to working at home and subscribe to the free newsletter Small Business Resource, Ideas and Financing.

Free Service Listings

Users can cruise this lane of the information highway to find local service providers and add their own services to this free online directory. Categories for listing your own firm or for searching include business advice and planning, employment, human resources and financial services. Visitors also can join discussion groups to share tips on marketing and recruiting new hires.

A Benefit for Small Businesses

CPAs will find links to health-savings-account (HSA) and 401(k)-plan-provider Web sites for their self-employed and small business clients at this benefits portal. Users can access a 401(k) savings calculator, get price quotes on various financial and health-plan providers and read buyer’s guides, fact sheets and frequently asked questions on 401(k)s and HSAs.

Stories to Inspire

Industry leaders from various fields share their philosophies on leading fulfilling professional and personal lives at this Web site. Visitors can access tales on balancing family and success, growth and honesty in business and leadership styles and strategies. The Great Quotes on Success section includes words of wisdom from the likes of John D. Rockefeller and Winston Churchill.

Foster Good (Business) Karma

CPA firm and other business owners can research making tax-deductible contributions and find planned-giving options as well as information on donation dos and don’ts at this Web stop.


Get your clients ready for tax season

Upon its enactment in March, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) introduced many new tax changes, some of which retroactively affected 2020 returns. Making the right moves now can help you mitigate any surprises heading into 2022.


Black CPA Centennial, 1921–2021

With 2021 marking the 100th anniversary of the first Black licensed CPA in the United States, a yearlong campaign kicked off to recognize the nation’s Black CPAs and encourage greater progress in diversity, inclusion, and equity in the CPA profession.