Smart Stops on the Web


Online Education for Managers
CPAs and business managers can brush up on the basics of fraud as well as learn detection and prevention strategies from articles and case studies at this Web site. Titles include “Business Intelligence in the Financial Services Industry.” Fraud investigators can explore the library section to read related content on money laundering, regulatory compliance and risk management and also “solve business problems” with anti-money-laundering and financial services solutions.

Fraud or Frivolity?
CPAs acting as financial consultants will want to visit this e-stop to find out about broker misconduct and what distinguishes a securities fraud case from a frivolous claim. Users also can locate a securities fraud lawyer in their area and get a free consultation.

Fraud Is…
Alex Kwechansky, public speaker and author of the book Never Underestimate Who Can Cheat You, gives users a better understanding of fraud in publicly and privately owned companies and how to spot and, hopefully, thwart it at this Web site. The section Dirty Deeds defines different fraud concepts including embezzlement, insider trading and skimming, while the section Here’s the Point outlines some of fraud’s early warning signs.

Insure Against Fraud
CPAs looking to advise clients on insurance fraud will find legislative news, the Fraud Case of the Month and the Fraud Hall of Shame at this Web site, first listed as a Smart Stop in April 2002 in response to fraudulent 9/11 claims. Visitors to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud’s Web stop also can receive a free sample of Insurance Fraud Weekly ePort.

Worth Revisiting
The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) Web site, another Smart Stop worthy of more than one mention and first listed in the November 2001 JofA , now offers users IFCC Warnings, which address credit card and identity theft, employment scams and Internet auction fraud. The section Internet Fraud Preventive Measures offers tips on recognizing and preventing online fraud.

Tax Time Once Again
Accountants and preparers gearing up for tax season will find state and federal tax forms and more than 200 articles on, for example, capital gains, mutual funds and tax rules for gifts, as well as tax calculators for investing, retirement planning and home mortgages and sales at Yahoo’s Tax Center. Visitors can use a glossary of tax terms and a preparer’s checklist from H&R Block.

Grants for Growth
CPAs can point clients to small business advice and links to financial services, government grants and loans at this Web stop. Visitors can find business plan templates, checklists and frequently asked questions in categories including home and Internet businesses and sales and marketing.

Gratis Legal Advice
CPA consultants for individuals and small business owners can tap into free online legal expertise here. Categories include bankruptcy, business, employment, estate planning, financial, intellectual property and tax law. Each one lists a series of general questions and answers on that topic.

E-qual Opportunities
This Smart Stop, sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “fosters strategic alliances and investments for women and minority-owned business leaders and entrepreneurs” with webcasts such as “Advancing the American Economic Agenda.” The Small Business Center allows registered users free three-day access to offerings such as articles, research and statistics and the members-only weekly newsletter.

Research These Resources
The Brookings Institution’s spot on the Web includes links to articles, papers and transcripts on topics of interest to CPAs including business, domestic and global economics, education and governance. Users can read the articles “What’s Ahead After the GDP’s Big Surge” and “The Budget Outlook: Analysis and Implications,” to name a few.

Just for Fun
The curious-minded can look here for more than 2,100 clichs, euphemisms and figures of speech and find their explanations. Users can search by keyword to find related phrases. For example, searching on the term stocks in the business category returned results including “Catch a falling knife,” which means buying a stock as its price falls in the hope it’ll rise again, only to have it continue to decline.


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Black CPA Centennial, 1921–2021

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